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Within the “DEV TALKS” Series

Mario Pezzini, Director of the OECD Development Centre, cordially invites you to a conversation on


Smart development policy toward high-skill migration

by Michael Clemens, Senior Fellow at the Center for Global Development


Monday 25 January 2016

from 18:00 to 19:30

OECD Headquarters – Auditorium


 The migration of skilled people from developing countries is a growing phenomenon. Many countries are concerned about the so-called "brain drain" of their doctors, scientists and engineers to wealthier countries. Some academics and development practitioners worry that allowing more skilled immigration from poor countries will harm those countries. In this talk, Michael Clemens will argue that the flow of skilled migrants from poor countries to rich ones can be an opportunity, for migrants themselves as well as for both the countries of origin and destination. He will discuss several policy options to help turn the brain drain into a brain gain, in particular through the implementation of global skills partnerships.


This talk is being organised in the context of the experts' meeting for this year’s edition of the Development Centre’s Perspectives on Global Development (PGD) report. The report focuses on the issue of international migration and development in a world of shifting wealth.


Please note that the presentation will be made in English. The event will be followed by a cocktail reception in the red chairs area at 19:30.


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