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This site of recognised scholarship, useful at a cultural level, also plays a part in the dissemination of publications and in the visibility of the Centre’s library and the Development Centre. Now, we are keen to maintain a certain standard of excellence, reliability and prestige at the same time, which is quite a challenge in itself.



The library, which plays an active part in the visibility of the Development Centre, by developing a cultural heritage centre that is largely open to the outside world.


Now the time has come for mass digitisation, the widespread virtualisation of documents, increasing quantities of metadata and collaborative and community access.

This is indeed a great turning point for libraries, which are seeing their activities profoundly changed under the significant impact of this new phase of the digital age.

The librarian’s responsibility is to advocate the long-term conservation of a development heritage unparalleled in its richness and diversity and to identify the issues it involves. We have attempted to find innovative solutions consistent with responsible library management for this location, which is host to and expressly designed for research work and the needs of researchers.




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