Latin America and the Caribbean

Workshop on Financing Infrastructures in Latin America



The OECD Development Centre co-organised a workshop with  the International Finance Corporation (IFC) and the Corporation for Andean Development (CAF) on Financing Infrastructures in Latin America. Leading experts from the public and private sector representing Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Spain, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, Dominican Republic and Uruguay met in Bogota on 13th and 14th May 2010 to discuss new ways of benchmarking infrastructures in Latin America.


Pablo Sanguinetti (CAF), Manuel Balmaseda (CEMEX), Maria Helena de Oliveira (BNDES), Luis Carranza (USMP) and Ángel Melguizo (OECD).


One of the presentations.


From left to right: Rolando Avendaño (OECD); María Victoria Guarín,  International Finance Corporation (IFC); José Manuel Vassallo,  Universidad Politécnica de Madrid; Alejandro Gaviria,  Universidad de Los Andes, Colombia; Jorge Castellanos, Manager Director, FINTRA Darby – Colpatria; Sebastián Nieto (OECD); Enrique Cañas, International Finance Corporation (IFC).



(in Spanish)



Javier Alonso

José manuel Vassallo

Leonardo Villar

Manuel Balmaseda

María Helena de Oliveira

María Victoria Guarín

Pablo Sanguinetti

Rolando Avendaño and Sebastián Nieto

Esteban Piedrahita

Javier Santiso and Rolando Avendaño


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