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Rolando Avendaño



Research Associate, Latin America & the Caribbean
Latin American Economic Outlook

Research Topics
Financial Economics
Sovereign Wealth Funds - Institutional investors
Asia’s Impact on Emerging Economies

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Rolando Avendano is a Research Associate at the OECD Development Centre, working with the Americas Desk. His research focuses on different areas of financial economics, with special interest in Sovereign Wealth Funds and institutional investors, commodity markets and Asia’s impact on emerging economies.


Pior to joining the Centre, he worked with the OECD Economics Department on macroeconomic policy. Other employment experience includes teaching courses on Probability, Optimisation and Stochastic Processes at University of Los Andes (Colombia) and Junior Researcher at University College London. 


Rolando holds a B.Sc. in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research at University of Los Andes and a B.A. in Anthropology, jointly with Goldsmiths College, University of London. He completed a Master in International Economics at University of Paris Nanterre, a Master Economic Policy Analysis at the Paris School of Economics (Ecole Normale Supérieure) and is now finishing a PhD in Economics at the Paris School of Economics under the supervision of Professor Richard Portes.



Books and Studies


> "Remittance Flows and Financial Development" (with Sebastián Nieto-Parra) in Latin American Economic Outlook 2010, OECD Development Centre, Paris, Novembre 2009.


> "Remittances and Capital Markets in Latin America" (with Sebastián Nieto-Parra) in Latin American Economic Outlook 2010, OECD Development Centre, Paris, Novembre 2009.


“Trade for Development: China, India and the Challenge of Specialisation” (with Gøril Havro) in Latin American Economic Outlook 2008, OECD Development Centre, Paris, Novembre 2007.

> “L’impact commercial de la Chine et de l’Inde sur l’Amérique latine”, (with Javier Santiso) in Annuel du CERI : L'enjeu mondial, Les pays émergents, Centre d’études et de Recherches Internationales, 2008.



Working Papers and Policy Insights


>"Are Sovereign Wealth Funds' investments politically biased? A comparison with Mutual Funds" (with Javier Santiso). Working Paper No. 283, OECD Development Centre, Paris, December 2009. Also as "A Benchmark for Sovereign Wealth Funds' Investment Strategies: Looking Towards Future Regulation", Working paper 2009/10, Asian Society of International Law, Singapore, 2009.



"Are Workers Remittances Relevant for Credit Rating Agencies?" (with Norbert Gaillard and Sebastián Nieto-Parra). Working Paper No. 282, OECD Development Centre, Paris, October 2009.



“The Macro Management of Commodity Booms: Africa and Latin America’s Response to Asian Demand” (with Helmut Reisen and Javier Santiso). Working Paper No. 270, OECD Development Centre, Paris, August 2008.


“Adapting to the Rise of China: How Can Latin American Companies Succeed?” (with Angel Alonso Arroba and Julio Estrada), World Economic Forum Working Paper, Geneva, April 2008.

"Latin America’s Asian Opportunity" (with Gøril Havro) Policy Insights No. 53, OECD Development Centre, October 2007, (also available in French and Spanish).

> “América Latina: Punto de encuentro entre Asia y España” (with Angel Alonso Arroba and Javier Santiso), Boletín Económico del Instituto de Comercio Exterior, Nbr. 2937, Spanish Institute for Foreign Trade, Madrid, May 2008.


Articles in the media


"It's all about integration", FIVE Magazine, by Ellen Thalman, July 2009.


>  “La Oportunidad de América Latina en Asia”, (with Gøril Havro) El Economista, Mexico, June 2008.


> "Après l'Afrique, la Chine est à l'offensive en Amérique latine”, Mediapart, France, November 2008.





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