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Latin America - Papers and Publications on Competitiveness


Papers and Publications:


  • OECD (2014), E-Learning in Higher Education in Latin America, OECD Publishing. DOI: Pending
  • OECD (2014), Multi-dimensional Review of Uruguay: Volume 1. Initial Assessment, OECD Development Pathways, OECD Publishing. DOI: Pending
  • Daude, C., A. Nagengast and J. R. Perea (2014), "Productive Capabilities: An Empirical Investigation of their Determinants", OECD Development Centre Working Papers, No. 321, OECD Publishing. DOI10.1787/5k3tt0dh36zv-en
  • Brunner, J. (2013), "The Rationale for Higher Education Investment in Ibero-America", OECD Development Centre Working Papers, No. 319, OECD Publishing.
  • Bitran, E., S. Nieto-Parra and J. Robledo (2013), "Opening the Black Box of Contract Renegotiations: An Analysis of Road Concessions in Chile, Colombia and Peru", OECD Development Centre Working Papers, No. 317, OECD Publishing.
  • Nieto-Parra, S., M. Olivera and A. Tibocha (2013), "The Politics of Transport Infrastructure Policies in Colombia", OECD Development Centre Working Papers, No. 316, OECD Publishing.


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