Latin America and the Caribbean


  • 8th International Economic Forum on Latin America and the Caribbean

    The OECD convened for the 2016 edition of its International Economic Forum on Latin America and the Caribbean: "New challenges and innovative Partnerships in a Shifting World", on June 3rd 2016 in Paris.

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  • Multidimensional Country review Uruguay

    Uruguay has made remarkable progress over the past decade. Stable macroeconomic policies and a favourable external environment have permitted brisk growth and the financing of social policies. Substantial improvements in several dimensions of human well-being have occurred during this period, alongside considerable reductions in external risks.

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  • Revenue Statistics in Latin America and the Caribbean 2016

    Despite a continuing slowdown in economic growth, tax revenues in Latin American and Caribbean (LAC) countries rose slightly in 2014, as a proportion of national incomes, according to new data from the annual Revenue Statistics in Latin America and the Caribbean publication.

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The work of the OECD Development Centre on Latin America seeks to fuel policy dialogue and support reform efforts by providing innovative and over-arching regional perspectives through its flagship publication Latin American Economic Outlook and Revenue Statistics in Latin America. Furthermore, it engages in country-specific and thematic work across a number of areas related to fostering economic development while ensuring inclusive growth.

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Tackling inequality requires finding the right policy mix, including strong tax systems, good public services and inclusive social policies for the poor and the emerging middle class.   Boosting competitiveness requires broad based policies in areas such as infrastructure, education and skills, innovation and financial inclusion.  We contribute to the design and success of these policies.   Understanding the impact of the global rebalancing in Latin America, from the rise of new emerging economies, to the global recomposition of production and the overcoming of the Middle Income Trap.