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2017 OECD EMnet Meeting on Africa "The future of Africa: Industrialisation, Technology and Entrepreneurship"


OECD EMnet Meeting on Africa

"The future of Africa: Industrialisation, Technology and Entrepreneurship" 


5 October 2017 - OECD Headquarters, Paris, France


Session 1: New wave of industrialisation: A game changer for Africa?

Africa’s prospects for 2017 look optimistic with a resilient 3.6% GDP growth rate expected. Growing domestic demand and business reforms have increased confidence and investment opportunities. Furthermore, more African governments are including industrialisation strategies in their economic policy agendas. Looking beyond traditional industries it is now increasingly essential to pursue cleaner, greener and higher-value industrial development. 


Session 2: Eliminating productivity bottlenecks for Africa’s industrialisation

Several productivity bottlenecks are hindering efforts to industrialise, such as lack of infrastructure, limited human capital and underdeveloped financial markets. This session examined which policies should be implemented to remove these barriers and foster improvements in productivity. 


Session 3: Gearing up green industrialisation       

Industrialisation in Africa will need to progress in a sustainable and resource-efficient manner. Facing mounting environmental challenges, which policies can help the private sector embrace green investment in the region?                 


Session 4: Entrepreneurship as an engine for industrialisation

Africa has the highest rate of entrepreneurship in the world and a strong entrepreneurial culture yet productivity and innovation are low. Supporting entrepreneurship is therefore key to spur industrialisation in the continent. 


Session 5: Investing in infrastructure: The way forward

The infrastructure gap in Africa is estimated to be about USD 50 billion per year. This deficit coupled with a growing population and rapid urbanisation can undermine growth. This session  discussed policies to encourage higher investment in infrastructure.


Session 6: Market access in the digital age

Technology is changing the way firms and consumers connect. How has the rapid development of digital infrastructures and mobile technology changed how business is done in Africa?


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