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Results and Performance of the World Bank Group, Volume II: Management Action Records for World Bank, IFC, and MIGA

Results and Performance of the World Bank GroupVolume II: Management Action Records for World Bank, IFC, and MIGA


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Gender and Development: An Evaluation of World Bank Support, 2002-08

The World Bank’s current gender policy draws on the 2001 Gender Strategy (World Bank 2002b) endorsed by the Board.


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Poverty Reduction Support Credits: An Evaluation of World Bank Support

The goal of Poverty Reduction Support Credits (PRSCs), introduced in early 2001 under World Bank Interim Guidelines, was to help countries implement comprehensive, country-owned development strategies to promote growth, improve social conditions, and reduce poverty.


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Phase II: The Challenge of Low-Carbon Development: Climate Change and the World Bank Group

This evaluation seeks lessons for development and climate change mitigation from the World Bank Group's (WBG) far-reaching portfolio in energy, forestry, and transport.


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Growth and Productivity in Agriculture and Agribusiness: Evaluative Lessons from World Bank Group Experience (conference edition)

Enhanced agricultural growth and productivity are essential if we are to meet the worldwide demand for food and reduce poverty, particularly in the poorest developing countries.


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Country Programme Evaluation of Nepal, 2003-2008

Overall, the outcome of the Bank’s program is rated moderately unsatisfactory. As many of the objectives and outcome targets set by IDA were not met, the overall outcome of IDA support would be rated unsatisfactory.


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Country Programme Evaluation of Nigeria, 1998-2007

In spite of the relatively small weight of its financial contribution in comparison with Nigeria’s earnings from oil, the Bank carried a great deal of influence as a source of objective advice and as a means of influencing perceptions of Nigeria.


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Country Programme Evaluation of Timor-Leste, 2000-2010

The relevance of the WBG strategy waned through the evaluation period, despite being broadly congruent with the country's own aspirations.


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Peer Review of the Evaluation Function of UNIDO

“This approach has several purposes: building greater knowledge, confidence and use of evaluation systems by management, governing bodies and others; providing a suitable way of ‘evaluating the evaluators’; sharing good practice, experience and mutual learning.”


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Water and Development - An evaluation of World Bank Support, 1997–2007

In this evaluation the Independent Evaluation Group (IEG) examines all the water-related projects financed by the World Bank between fiscal 1997 and the end of calendar 2007.

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