• 3-December-2007

    English, , 10,190kb

    AMAREW Final Report Amhara Microenterprise Development, Agricultural Research, Extension and Watershed Management Project in Ethiopia

    USAID//Ethiopia Mission and Virginia Tech implement AMAREW Project to contribute to the overall efforts of the Amhara National Regional State (ANRS) in increasing rural household income, thereby improving food security.

  • 14-October-2006

    English, Excel, 514kb

    Program Evaluation for USAID/Guinea Basic Education Program Portfolio

    USAID/Guinea has invested 57 million dollars for the implementation of its strategy for the current planning cycle. At the beginning of this period, access to primary education had already begun to rapidly increase, but instruction was marked by low quality levels and a weak capacity for system-wide planning.

  • 19-October-2005

    English, Excel, 491kb

    Assessment of the USAID Assistance Program to the Reform of the Benin Primary Education System

    In our recommendations to USAID/Benin, we propose activities in eight areas: 1) teacher training; 2) curriculum; 3) student assessment; 4) linkage between primary and secondary schools; 5) system management, emphasizing decentralization and communication; 6) community development; 7) equity; and 8) HIV/AIDS education.

  • 17-October-2005

    English, , 200kb

    End of program evaluation of the cooperative agreement between USAID/EGAT and the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI)

    This report provides the findings from a Washington-based final program evaluation carried out during August-October, 2005.

  • 16-September-2005

    English, , 279kb

    Mid-term evaluation : breaking through barriers to growth -- expanding the scope and scale of credit with education in two regions

    The purpose of the current five-year Matching Grant (MG) program is to expand the quality and reach of integrated microfinance and life-skills training services to serve 200,000 clients in the Philippines and West Africa.

  • 15-September-2005

    English, , 108kb

    Evaluation Of ODFA Emergency Self Relief Drought Response - Ethiopia

    This OFDA program provided emergency relief to drought victims in Ethiopia, and at the same time explored new/different approaches to seed relief. Using the grassroots approach, it had a significant impact on beneficiaries who were extremely vulnerable...

  • 21-June-2005

    English, , 1,651kb

    Egyptian Exporters Association (EXPOLINK) : final evaluation

    The overall conclusions are that ExpoLink has achieved its major goals of providing valuable services to private sector companies in promoting Egyptian exports in key sectors.

  • 15-June-2005

    French, Excel, 155kb

    Action Communautaire Pour l'Education Des Filles au Bénin, Evaluation Finale

    Action Communautaire pour l’Education des filles (ACEF) est un projet de quatre ans dont l’objectif est de promouvoir l’éducation des filles au Bénin, dans les écoles situées en zones rurales en stimulant la participation des communautés à l’éducation de leurs enfants.

  • 15-June-2005

    English, , 5,885kb

    The Peanut Collaborative Research Support Program (CRSP), 2005 External Evaluation Report

    The External Evaluation Panel (EEP) of the Peanut Collaborative Research Support Program (CRSP) has reviewed the program’s achievements and impact, focusing on the last five years.

  • 30-December-2004

    English, , 1,479kb

    Special Evaluation: Assessment of the Higher Education partnerships for global development program

    This report presents an independent assessment of Promoting Higher Education Partnerships for Global Development, a program financed by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and implemented by the Association Liaison Office (ALO) for University Cooperation in Development.

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