• 28-November-2014

    English, PDF, 1,003kb

    Impact evaluation of the Westminster Foundation for Democracy (WFD)

    The main objective of this evaluation is to assess “WFD’s effectiveness in contributing towards its intended outcome of making the parliaments and political parties it works with more effective, accountable and representative”. The expected outcome is to “strengthen democracy, stability and good governance, in the emerging/developing democracies and post-conflict countries and fragile states” in which WFD works.

  • 28-November-2014

    English, PDF, 2,123kb

    Mid-term evaluation of the SARRAH programme

    The evaluation concluded that programme’s relevance is probably the most consistently praised aspect of SARRAH’s performance. The average weighted relevance score of SARRAH work-streams is 3.7 on a scale of 1 to 4. All work-streams have scored 3 or 4 against the relevance criterion.

  • 28-November-2014

    English, PDF, 3,541kb

    CLEAR mid-term evaluation

    The conclusions of the evaluation show that the CLEAR initiative is highly relevant to the evolving global discourse on results management and aid effectiveness, to the M&E needs of governments, and to the priorities of current and potential donors.

  • 15-April-2014

    English, PDF, 1,622kb

    Rapid Review of Embedding Evaluation in UK Department for International Development

    Since 2009/10, there has been a drive within the Department for International Development (DFID)to strengthen the evidence base upon which policy and programme decisions are made. The primary purpose of this review is to inform DFID and the international development evaluation community of the progress made and the challenges and opportunities encountered in embedding evaluation across the organisation.

  • 22-May-2012

    English, , 1,477kb

    Broadening the range of designs and methods for impact evaluations

    This is a study report dealing with difficult methodological and theoretical challenges faced by those who wish to evaluate the impacts of international development policies.

  • 23-November-2011

    English, , 763kb

    ICAI's Approach to Effectiveness and Value for Money

    With a strong focus on the impact for intended beneficiaries and the robustness of delivery approaches, the report establishes a set of guiding criteria for whether aid is fit for purpose and being used to tackle the most important issues.

  • 11-September-2008

    English, , 528kb

    Monitoring policy dialogue: lessons from a pilot study

    ‘Policy dialogue’ with other development partners has become an increasingly important part of DFID’s work, particularly as DFID’s focus has moved to tackling wider development challenges such as growth, conflict, climate change and reforming the international system.