• 20-December-2007

    English, , 355kb

    Evaluation of UNDP Contribution to South-South Cooperation

    This report presents the outcome of the evaluation, which looks at the effectiveness of the Third Cooperation Framework managed by the Special Unit, and also assesses the results achieved by the inclusion of South-South cooperation as a driver in UNDP programmatic work.

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  • 19-December-2007

    English, , 619kb

    Evaluation of Results Based Managment at UNDP

    This report presents the assessment of an independent evaluation conducted by the Evaluation Office of UNDP of the adoption of results based management (RBM) as an approach.

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  • 16-November-2007

    English, , 157kb

  • 4-December-2006

    English, , 336kb

    case study Haiti - Evaluation of UNDP Assistance to conflict-affected countries

    The evaluation intends to investigate to what extent UNDP’s activities in conflict-afflicted countries contributed to the goal of human security defined broadly as ‘freedom from fear’ and ‘freedom from want’.

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