• 14-April-2009

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    Ex-post Evaluation of Two Rural Finance and Employment Programmes in India

    This ex-post evaluation provides an independent assessment of the effects of two SDC programmes in India, that aimed at the improvement of income opportunities for the poor through viable enterprises.

  • 26-March-2009

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    Evaluation of SDC’s Performance in Mainstreaming Gender Equality

    This evaluation provides an independent assessment of the program results, organisational dimensions and strategic intent of SDC’s gender equality work.

  • 24-March-2009

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    Evaluation Knowledge Management and Institutional Learning in SDC

    The purpose of this evaluation was to assess where SDC stands with regard to knowledge management (KM) and institutional learning (IL) and to gain insights to improve future performance.

  • 23-February-2009

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    Peer Review of the Evaluation Function of the Office of Internal Oversight Services of the United Nations (OIOS)

    The present report is the result of the fifth professional peer review of the evaluation function at a multilateral organization. The aim of this review is to stimulate constructive peer exchange about possible improvements in the evaluation function.

  • 2-February-2009

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    Rapport d’Evaluation du Pôle Genre et Développement de l’IUED

    This evaluation provides an external review of the achievements and program outputs, of the organisational dimensions and strategic intent of the 'Pôle Genre et Développement' of the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies in Geneva.

  • 15-March-2006

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    Evaluación independiente del Programa Regional de América Central 1999 - 2005

    This report is the result of an independent evaluation of the Regional Programme of Central America (1999 – 2005) of Swiss Development Aid (SDA).

  • 6-March-2006

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  • 21-December-2005

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    Independent Evaluation of The SDC / seco Medium Term Concept 2002-2006 in Serbia & Montenegro

    The purpose of the evaluation was to render accountability by submitting SDC/seco activities to independent assessment and to improve future performance through learning from experience.

  • 15-June-2005

    English, , 908kb

    Independent Evaluation of SDC Nepal Country Programmes 1993–2004, Building bridges in Nepal – dealing with deep divides

    This report is an independent evaluation of bilateral Swiss development assistance to Nepal from 1993 to 2004.

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  • 6-March-2004

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