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Mind the Middle: Country Plans: The Missing Middle of Sida's Country Strategy Process

Sida's country strategy model builds on a complementary package of general and specific strategic choices for the allocation of Sida resources. The long term country strategy paper (CSP), with its five-year time horizon, outlines the general approach for such allocation.


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Assumptions and Partnerships in the Making of a Country Strategy: An Evaluation of the Swedish-Mozambican Experience Institute of Social Studies

Based on the experience of the 1996–2001 Country Strategy process, this report suggests ways to make the Country Strategy a more effective tool for Sida’s management of development cooperation In Mozambique.


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The Management of Results Information at Sida: Proposals for agency routines and priorities in the information age

The background to the study is that Sida, in particular the Stockholm Office, rarely has easy access to relevant and useful data, when preparing special monitoring and evaluation initiatives, and sometimes even when managing individual programmes.


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Dollars, Dialogue and Development: An evaluation of Swedish programme aid

Programme aid (PA) is aid not linked to any specific project, but which is conditional upon policy changes by the recipient. PA thus has two inputs: funds and policy dialogue. How are these inputs intended to achieve growth and poverty reduction?


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Are Evaluations Useful? Cases from Swedish Development Co-operation

This report Forms part of the study "Using the Evaluation Tool", initiated by Sida's Department for Evaluation and Internal Audit. The purpose of the study is to analyse the evaluation process as it currently works in Swedish development co operation.


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Using the Evaluation Tool: A survey of conventional wisdom and common practice at Sida

One of the thematic areas for evaluation concerns organizational change and learning. The study which is presented here forms part of the activities in this field.


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The Environment and Sidas Evaluations

In 1988, the Swedish Parliament formulated a new objective for international development cooperation: the sustainable use of natural resources and the protection of the environment.

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