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The Management of Results Information at Sida: Proposals for agency routines and priorities in the information age

The background to the study is that Sida, in particular the Stockholm Office, rarely has easy access to relevant and useful data, when preparing special monitoring and evaluation initiatives, and sometimes even when managing individual programmes.


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Sida Documents in a Poverty Perspective, A review of how poverty is addressed in Sida's country strategy papers, assessment memoranda and evaluations

Sida's "Action Programme to Promote Sustainable Livelihoods for the Poor and to Combat Poverty" states that every strategy document and project proposal should explain how the activities proposed are designed to reduce poverty, and that evaluations always should consider impact on poverty. ISSN: 1402-215X Sida studies in Evaluation 00/2


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Dollars, Dialogue and Development: An evaluation of Swedish programme aid

Programme aid (PA) is aid not linked to any specific project, but which is conditional upon policy changes by the recipient. PA thus has two inputs: funds and policy dialogue. How are these inputs intended to achieve growth and poverty reduction?


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Gender Equality and Women's Empowerment, A DAC review of agency experiences 1993-1998

A DAC review of agency experiences 1993-1998 ISSN: 1402-215X Sida Studies in Evaluation 00/1


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Research Cooperation between Sweden and Uruguay 1986-1995. An evaluation and some general considerations

The evaluation covers research cooperation in eight areas of medicine, the natural sciences and technology.


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99/22 Environmental Aspects in Credit Financed Projects

The aim of this review is to assess how and to what extent environmental aspects have been considered in the different stages i.e. planning, implementation and follow-up of credit-financed projects initiated in the time frame 1989-1994.


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Understanding Regional Research Networks in Africa

The overall aim of this desk study is to contribute to a better understanding of regional research networks (RRNs) in international development co-operation, with special emphasis on those in Africa.


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Are Evaluations Useful? Cases from Swedish Development Co-operation

This report Forms part of the study "Using the Evaluation Tool", initiated by Sida's Department for Evaluation and Internal Audit. The purpose of the study is to analyse the evaluation process as it currently works in Swedish development co operation.


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Managing and Conducting Evaluations: Design study for a Sida evaluation manual

This 'Design Study for a Sida Evaluation Manual' has been written to give Sida a basis for discussion and decision-making regarding the production of a new evaluation manual.


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Paper, prices and politics - An evaluation of the Swedish support to the Bai Bang project in Vietnam

From 1974 to 1995 Sweden committed about SEK2.8 billion (SEK6.5 billion in 1996 prices) to the project (mill and forestry) including side projects covering housing, transport and vocational training.

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