• 8-November-2001

    English, , 4,688kb

    Aid, Incentives, and Sustainability An Institutional Analysis of Development Cooperation - Main Report

    This study explores how the incentives that arise in the system of developement assistance affect the the goal of sustainable development.

  • 2-October-2001

    English, , 413kb

    HIV/AIDS-Related Support through Sida - A baseline study, Preparation for an evaluation of the implementation of the strategy "Investing for Future Generations - Sweden's response to HIV/AIDS"

    Preparation for an evaluation of the implementation of the strategy "Investing for Future Generations - Sweden's response to HIV/AIDS". This report contains an overview of Sida's development co-operation with respect to HIV/AIDS in 1999, the year when the strategy on HIV/AIDS "Investing for Future Generations - Sweden's Response to HIV/AIDS" was adopted. The study has been commissioned by Sida's Department for Evaluation and Internal

  • 2-August-2001

    English, , 1,269kb

    Assumptions and Partnerships in the Making of a Country Strategy: An Evaluation of the Swedish-Mozambican Experience Institute of Social Studies

    Based on the experience of the 1996–2001 Country Strategy process, this report suggests ways to make the Country Strategy a more effective tool for Sida’s management of development cooperation In Mozambique.

  • 1-August-2001

    English, , 1,956kb

    Approach and Organisation of Sida Support to Private Sector Development

    An evaluation was conducted of Sida’s approach to, and organisation of private sector development (PSD) support.

  • 2-January-2001

    English, , 243kb

    The Management of Results Information at Sida: Proposals for agency routines and priorities in the information age

    This report presents a set of proposals for new routines and priorities for the management of results information at Sida. The purpose is to contribute to an efficient use of such information by and within the agency.

  • 22-November-2000

    English, , 326kb

    Poverty Reduction, Sustainability and Learning, An evaluability assessment of seven area development projects

    An evaluability assessment of seven area development projects Sida has made a preliminary decision to initiate a study of the poverty reduction impact and sustainability of area development projects. Before launching a more comprehensive study, the present study was carried out to assess the "evaluability" of a sample of Sida supported area development projects.

  • 1-November-2000

    English, , 243kb

    Ownership in Focus? Discussion paper for a planned evaluation

    This paper takes a closer look at the concept of ownership as it has been defined by Sida and others and reviews some established beliefs about the causes and effects of weak partner country ownership. It concludes with a presentation of a set of issues that should be considered in an evaluation concerned with ownership1 . Its main purpose is to encourage discussion among Sida staff andothers about the focus and scope of a planned

  • 10-October-2000

    English, , 1,352kb

    Fighting Poverty Strategically?, Lessons from Swedish Tanzanian Development Co-operation, 1997–2000

    This is an external evaluation of Sidas country strategy (CS) process for Tanzania covering the period 1997-2000. The focus is on the effectiveness of standard instruments in steering the country cooperation in line with Swedish and Tanzanian objectives, including poverty reduction and increased country ownership of programmes. Consideration of impact is excluded but relevance to objectives is assessed in the light of feasible

  • 3-August-2000

    English, , 1,298kb

    Glossary of Key Terms in Evaluation and Results Based Management: Swedish/English, English/Swedish

    Used by the UN system, the international development banks, bilateral donor agencies, and many governments and organisations in developing countries, it now represents the core of a common international vocabulary for evaluation and results based management in development cooperation.

  • 2-August-2000

    English, , 3,021kb

    The Evaluability of Democracy and Human Rights Projects: A logframe-related assessment

    Support for democracy and human rights (D/HR) has played an increasingly important role in Sida’s co-operation with developing countries ever since the early 1990s. Yet there is a considerable lack of reliable information on the impact of the Agency's D/HR initiatives.

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