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Review of the Danish Demining Group (DDG) Humanitarian Mine Action Support to the National Strategy through Clearance and Enhanced Quality Project in Afghanistan (October 2010 – September 2013)

Demining efforts by the Danish Demining Group and its peers, the 1,861 km2 of minefields and battle areas recorded in 1989 had been reduced by over 70%, including the majority of populated areas. The goal of the evaluated three-year project, is to assist the Government of Afghanistan and the Mine Action Coordinating Committee for Afghanistan (MACCA) in achieving the aims of the Afghanistan Compact and comply with the Ottawa Convention.


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A study of Sida’s support system for conflict sensitivity and the case of Liberia

By significantly increasing Swedish aid volumes and diversifying its portfolio, Sweden has carved out a strong role for itself in Liberia. The scaled-up Swedish commitments in Liberia pose multiple challenges to Swedish development cooperation and its capacity to respond effectively.


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Mutual accountability in practice: The case of Mozambique

Mozambique is chosen as a case study due to its reputation as a forerunner on aid effectiveness and on mutual accountability in particular. In Mozambique, there is a well-developed mechanism and a certain amount of institutional capacity for the implementation of mutual accountability.


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Swedish Country Cooperation Strategy with Guatemala 2008-2012

The report concentrates on a selection of results generated from Swedish support and on the functioning of the strategy as a management instrument.


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Nordic influences on Gender Policies and Practices at the World Bank and the African Development Bank: A Case study

This study has ascertained the usefulness of promoting gender equality through all available mechanisms in each of the two organizations at the appropriate policy level. The different entry points are the Executive Boards, the Board of Governors, the Replenishment negotiations mechanisms, senior management levels and operational managers at headquarters and in the field.


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Evaluation Study of Long-Term Development Co-operation between Vietnam and Sweden

This report is one of three reports commissioned by Sida to an independent team to review the development co-operation to countries in Asia, where Sweden is, or has, phased out. It summarises experiences and lessons of this co-operation.


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Evaluation Study of Long-Term Development Co-operation between Sri Lanka and Sweden

This evaluation report provides a critical overview of 53 years of development co-operation between Sweden and Sri Lanka, from 1958 to 2010. The report highlights a few areas, where, according to the evaluators, Sweden has contributed to solving societal problems and creating results in poor people’s lives in Sri Lanka.


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Evaluation Study of Long-Term Development Co-operation between Laos and Sweden

This evaluation provides an overview of the results and lessons of the bilateral development co-operation from 1974 until Sweden closed its embassy in 2011. Furthermore, it attempts an assessment of how and if this assistance contributed to reducing poverty in the country.


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Democratic development and increased respect for human rights - Evaluation Brief

The purpose of the evaluation is to contribute to learning regarding Swedish support to democracy and human rights and to provide input for future government policy development.


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Democratic development and increased respect for human rights: Results of Swedish support in Cambodia and Vietnam

programming in Vietnam and Cambodia is intended to add input on programming in Asia to other evaluation materials being integrated into a report for the Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

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