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Ex-Post Evaluation Report for Bolikhan Small Town Water Supply Project in Bolikhamxai Province, Lao PDR

The Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA)ran the Bolikhan Small Town Water Supply and Sanitation in Bolikhamxai Province project between 2007-2010. The evaluation measures the project's outcomes. To allow KOICA to improve the effectiveness of similar projects in the future.


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Agricultural Water Management: An Evaluation of the African Development Bank’s Assistance in Ghana and Mali, 1990-2010

The objective of the evaluation was to evaluate past experiences, draw lessons, and formulate recommendations to inform and guide the Bank‘s future investments in this sub-sector; as well as to provide timely insight into specific issues relevant to the Bank‘s renewed focus on agricultural water in Africa.


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Evaluation of Water-to-Market Training in Armenia

The MCC compact with Armenia was a five-year investment(2006-2011) of $177.6 million in two projects: irrigated agriculture and rural road rehabilitation. Although most output and outcome targets were met or exceeded, the evaluation did not detect impacts on adoption, productive income or household income.

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An Evaluation of the MIDA FBO Training

The evaluation found varied results for the three regions invested in under the Commercial Training Activity. The evaluation showed no impact on yields or crop incomes on average across the three regions. However, northern region farmers’ annual crop income increased significantly relative to the control group, over and above any impacts recorded in the other zones.

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From infrastructure to sustainable impact: Policy review of the Dutch contribution to drinking water and sanitation (1990-2011)

The study found that the use of improved water sources has increased substantially but this does not guarantee the safety of the drinking water nor the necessary water consumption.


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More than water: Drinking water supply and sanitation interventions in rural Mozambique

The current impact evaluation found evidence of a large increase in the use of improved water sources and in the ownership and use of latrines. Much of the increase can be attributed to an innovative approach to sanitation.


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The risk of vanishing effects: Impact evaluation of drinking water supply and sanitation programmes in rural Benin

The report concludes that Benin is on its way to achieving its targets on improved water sources, but safe drinking water is still not secured. Furthermore, water facilities are not always being constructed where they are needed most.

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Ex-post evaluation for Kenya water supply projects

This evaluation study is intended to provide ex-post assessment of three water supply projects which were implemented by KOICA in Kenya from 2007-2010 and aims at analysing actual project outcomes and effects.


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Municipal development projects in the Palestinian Territories

The evaluation noted that the choice of sectors was strategically consistent with beneficiaries’ needs. Actions targeted municipalities where the scarcity of infrastructure, or its poor condition, was a major impediment to economic development.


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Agricultural Water Management: An Evaluation of the Bank's Assistance in Ghana and Mali

Agricultural water management projects present particular challenges and therefore require very careful planning, design, and execution to avoid failures or leave the beneficiaries worse off.

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