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“Punching above its weight”: An evaluation of DFID’s PSPS, LAMIT and ENLACE programmes in Latin America

This evaluation complements the Interim Evaluation carried out at the mid-term of the RAP. It analyses the experience with LAMIT and PSPS in greater depth and on the basis of a longer period of implementation (slightly more than three years).


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2007:2 Review of Sida Support to Trade in Light of International Experience

The objective of the report is to set the stage for a possible evaluation of Sida's trade-related assistance (TRA) by providing a broad orientation of Sida's TRA from an international perspective.


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Modernisation of the Agricultural and Food Sector and its approximation to the EU, Albania

The overall objective of the project is to support Albania towards a need oriented and EU oriented agricultural policy. The anticipated impact is to improve the living standard of the Albanian population and to reduce poverty.


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Assessing World Bank Support for Trade 1987-2004: An IEG Evaluation

This report analyzes the Bank's contribution to freer trade in developing countries and makes concrete recommendations on how to boost trade opportunities to better alleviate poverty in the future.


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Joint evaluation of Co-ordination of Trade Capacity Building in Partner Countries

A joint evaluation Lead agency: European CommissionPartners: France, United Kingdom, Belgium, Netherlands Objective and scope of the evaluation (Section 1.1) The Joint Evaluation of Co-ordination of Trade Capacity Building (TCB) in partner countries is part of a set of six evaluation studies launched under the so-called 3Cs (co-ordination, complementarity, coherence) Initiative. This joint exercise is being supervised by the Group

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Aid for Trade - An Evaluation of Trade-Related Technical Assistance

‘Aid is just a recipe for permanent poverty’, wrote President Museveni of Ugandain the Wall Street Journal (November 6, 2003), arguing that ‘The only way we canbreak out of this vicious cycle of poverty is through trade and export-led growth.’Is he right?


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Egyptian Exporters Association (EXPOLINK) : final evaluation

The overall conclusions are that ExpoLink has achieved its major goals of providing valuable services to private sector companies in promoting Egyptian exports in key sectors.


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CDIE Evaluation: An Evaluation of Trade Capacity Building Programs: Overview

This paper reports on the first phase of a study by USAID’s Office of Development Evaluation and Information (DEI) of U.S. assistance for trade capacity building (TCB).


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CDIE Evaluation: USAID Trade Capacity Building Programs Issues and Findings

This evaluation brief examines issues related to USAID’s Trade Capacity Building assistance programs.


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CDIE Evaluation: An Evaluation of Trade Capacity Building Programs USAID Support for WTO/FTA, Accession and Implementation

This paper describes the major activities undertaken in the area of trade capacity building (TCB) and the results obtained, based on limited information available.

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