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Evaluation of governance, rule of law, judiciary reform and fight against corruption and organised crime in the Western Balkans. LOT 2 – FINAL REPORT

The overall objective of this evaluation is to support EU's efforts for strengthening Governance, Rule of Law, Judiciary Reform and Fight against Corruption and Organised Crime (GRJCO) in the Western Balkans, namely in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Kosovo, Montenegro and Serbia in the context of EC enlargement policy.


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Evaluation of CIDA’s Regional Inter-American Program from 2004-2005 to 2009-2010

Examples of results that helped improve the livelihoods of the poor included: eliminating Rubella in the Americas, interrupting vector transmission for Chagas disease in parts of Peru, and increasing micronutrient concentration in target crops.


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Evaluation of the Danish Neighbourhood Programme with a focus on the Economic Development Portfolio

The Neighbourhood Programme is Denmark’s bilateral programme for EU’s neighbouring countries to the east and southeast. The principal objective of the programme is to promote open and democratic societies founded on the rule of law.


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Evaluation de niveau regional: Pays et territoires d'outre-mer (PTOM)

Le soutien de l’UE en faveur des PTOM a bien rempli son but, en conformité avec les objectifs politiques de l’UE visant à promouvoir le développement économique et social dans les PTOM et à rapprocher économiquement les PTOM de l’UE.


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Canada Fund for Africa: Summative Evaluation, Executive Report

The evaluation concluded that the Fund contributed positively to NEPAD's expected outcomes. It also demonstrated that the Fund's initiatives were successful in achieving the majority of their development results, particularly in health and agriculture.


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Regional Level Evaluation: Overseas Countries and Territories

The delivery mechanisms of EU support and its management have been lessconducive to the achievement of the objectives of the co-operation. Significant delays have occurred in some cases and there have been cases where the Commission’s approach was inconsistent.


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Evaluation of UNDP contribution at the regional level to development and corporate results

The present evaluation of the work and contribution of the United Nations Development Programme at the regional level covers both UNDP regional programmes and the relevant UNDP institutional arrangements, especially thework of the regional service centres.


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Financing Partnership Facilities

This special evaluation study presents an independent evaluation of the implementation of Asian Development Bank's first three financing partnership facilities in the areas of water, regional cooperation and integration, and clean energy.


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African Development Cooperation Report 2009

Australia's development cooperation expanded in 2009 with new water and sanitaiton and food security initiatives under way, expansion of the Australia Awards to Africa, and designs for new civil society and maternal and child health initiatives started.


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Sida’s Regional Strategy for Cooperation with South East Asia, 2005–2009

Sida’s current regional strategy for cooperation with South East Asia expires at the end of 2009. Sida required an evaluation of the current strategy as an input to the development of a new strategy for the period 2010–2014.

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