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Évaluation rétrospective du Programme pour le renforcement des capacités commerciales (PRCC)

Le PRCC est un programme d'aide au commerce lancé par la DG Trésor et l'AFD en 2002. Il vise à améliorer les échanges commerciaux et les exportations des pays en développement (PED) par le renforcement des capacités commerciales de leurs agents économiques.


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Evaluation of the Instruments of Business Partnership Programmes

This report is a summary of an evaluation of the Business/Development Partnership (WiPa) Program conducted between March and December 2008 by the Global Public Policy Institute.


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Ex-post Evaluation of Two Rural Finance and Employment Programmes in India

This ex-post evaluation provides an independent assessment of the effects of two SDC programmes in India, that aimed at the improvement of income opportunities for the poor through viable enterprises.


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Evaluation of Swedfund International: An analysis of private sector development impacts

By studying inter-nal investment documents, by interviewing Swedfund staff and with the help of a questionnaire to Swedfund’s portfolio companies in developing countries, this evaluation tries to assess to what extent Swedfund have fulfilled the goals laid down for the organisation.


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Continuous Improvement in the Central American Workplace (CIMCAW)

This report represents the final project performance report for the Continuous Improvement in the Central American Workplace (CIMCAW) project.


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Evaluation of Traidlinks

Traidlinks is a new entity established with Irish Aid support in 2006. Its overall aim is to support private sector development, initially in Uganda and subsequently in other African countries, by facilitating links between private sector companies in those countries and the Irish private sector.


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Economic governance - Annual Thematic Performance Report 2006-07

The purpose of the annual thematic performance reports is to describe progress against AusAID’s policy objectives (including regional progress on the Millennium Development Goals), to identify current challenges in aid delivery and to highlight lessons to inform future investments.


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Evaluation on ADB's Private Sector Development and Operations

This evaluation study reviews trends in foreign direct investment, noting the rapid growth in private capital flows in developing member countries, followed by a severe contraction following the Asian financial crisis.


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Tunisie : Programmes D’appui A La Compétitivité I Et II

Les Programmes d’appui à la compétitivité, PAC I (1999-2001) et PAC II (2002-2003), avaient pour objectif global de consolider les bases d’une économie compétitive et de permettre une croissance durable de l’économie tunisienne.


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Performance Evaluation Report on the Private Sector Infrastructure Facility in India

This report evaluates the performance and achievements of ADB's loans to the Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India Limited and Industrial Finance Corporation of India Limited in promoting private sector participation in infrastructure development.

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