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Evaluation Study on Experiences with Conducting Evaluations jointly with Partner Countries

Since 1999 the Evaluation Department (EVAL) of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) of Denmark has commissioned and taken the lead on a number of evaluations jointly with country partner institutions in countries such as Benin, Bhutan, Ghana, Mozambique, Nepal, Tanzania, and Uganda.


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Peer Review of the Evaluation Function of the Office of Internal Oversight Services of the United Nations (OIOS)

The present report is the result of the fifth professional peer review of the evaluation function at a multilateral organization. The aim of this review is to stimulate constructive peer exchange about possible improvements in the evaluation function.


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Midterm Review Process

The objective of this special evaluation study (SES) is to update the findings and results obtained by the 1998 SES on the midterm review (MTR) process of projects, with a view of enhancing the effectiveness of MTRs in improving the implementation, performance and results of projects.


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Tourism Sector in the Greater Mekong Subreg

This report presents the findings, lessons, and recommendations of an independent assessment of Asian Development Bank (ADB) assistance to the tourism sector in the Greater Mekong Subregion (GMS)


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Evaluation of the Joint Africa Institute (357 KB)

The objective of the evaluation was to assess the performance of the JAI in terms of its relevance, efficiency, effectiveness, and impact, for the purpose of informing decisions about the future of the JAI and similar capacity-building initiatives.


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Synthesis Study on Best Practices and Innovative Approaches to Capacity Development in Low-Income African Countries

The main objective of this study was to show how a more broad-based joint evaluation of Capacity Development should be structured in terms of issues and conceptual frameworks


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Evaluation Study 2008/2: Synergies between Bilateral and Multilateral Activities

In this paper, we focus on the term synergy. We explore the various definitions of synergy and related aid management terms in order to understand the conditions in which donors pursuing synergy will achieve added value.


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Evaluation Study 2008/3: Assessing Multilateral Organisation Effectiveness

This Evaluation Study identifies and compares available key approaches to performance assessment of multilateral organisations.


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Directrizes para a Divulgação e Assimilação de Ensinamentos das Avaliações

Directives for dissemination and use of evaluation results

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