• 22-February-2016

    English, PDF, 4,363kb

    Global Poverty Action Fund Mid-Term Evaluation Report

    DFID’s strategic intention was to establish a Fund that supported a diversity of projects delivered across a range of sectors that reduced poverty and had the greatest impact on the poor and marginalised. In terms of the design and delivery of projects to date, this strategy has proved successful. This success has been facilitated by a combination of fund management processes and associated support.

  • 15-October-2015

    English, PDF, 3,367kb

    Work in Progress – Evaluation of the ORET Programme : Investing in Public Infrastructure in Developing Countries

    The Development Related Export Transactions program (ORET) is a subsidy facility. It has addressed important obstacles for development by co-financing the construction and rehabilitation of public infrastructure in developing countries. ORET has evolved from a programme of mere delivery of capital goods to a programme offering comprehensive infrastructure service packages that were also financially attractive for recipient governments.

  • 6-October-2015

    English, PDF, 950kb

    Evaluation of the Dutch Contribution to Transition in the Arab Region (2009-2013)

    This report presents the findings of an evaluation of the response of the Dutch government to the Arab uprisings and its support to: democratisation; the rule of law; and economic growth. The Ministry funded a range of projects, however, less support was provided to governments in transition than to civil society. Findings show that the implementation of support to Arab countries is far from easy because of the volatile context.

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  • 22-December-2014

    English, PDF, 1,911kb

    Evaluation of SDC’s Thematic Networks - Annexes

    This report is an independent evaluation of the functioning and results of the Thematic Networks in the SDC - Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation. Annexes

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  • 22-December-2014

    English, PDF, 575kb

    Evaluation of SDC’s Thematic Networks

    This report is an independent evaluation of the functioning and results of the Thematic Networks in the SDC - Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation. The evaluation considers in particular the contribution of the networks to SDC's operational and policy work, to the quality of its strategies and policies, and to SDC’s thematic competence and knowledge management.

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  • 8-September-2014

    English, PDF, 1,264kb

    Impact Evaluation of the Protracted Relief Programme II, Zimbabwe

    The main objective of this evaluation is to establish the impact, positive and negative, intended and unintended, of the Protracted Relief Programme II (PRP) (2008-2012) and identify lessons learned to inform future livelihoods programming. The primary audience is DFID but it also speaks to other PRP donors.

  • 29-August-2014

    English, PDF, 1,617kb

    Evaluation of Africa Democracy Strengthening Programme – Phase II

    The evaluation found that the Electoral Institute for Sustainable Democracy in Africa (EISA) is delivering the Africa Democracy Strengthening programme effectively and that the programme represents a good return on DFID’s investment of funds. The programme has performed well against logframe1 targets and has made a significant contribution to improving the quality of EISA.

  • 12-August-2014

    French, PDF, 1,690kb

    Evaluer l’impact,la quête du Graal ? Evaluation ex post de l’impact de quatre projets de la coopération gouvernementale

    Le premier objectif de cette évaluation pilote a été de rendre compte des résultats et de l'impact de quatre projets gouvernementaux et de tirer des leçons de l'expérience en vue d'améliorer les pratiques de la coopération belge dans le domaine de l'évaluation d'impact. L'évaluation conclut à la pertinence de la combinaison de méthodes qualitatives et quantitatives dans le même processus d'évaluation.

  • 12-August-2014

    English, PDF, 1,693kb

    Impact Measuring the Quest of the Grail? Ex Post Impact Evaluation of Four Bilateral Cooperation Projects

    This first pilot evaluation objective was both to report on the outcomes and the impact of four governmental projects and to learn from experience with a view to improving Belgian cooperation practices in the field of impact evaluation. The evaluation concludes to the relevance of combining qualitative and quantitative methods in the same evaluation process.

  • 4-August-2014

    English, PDF, 1,604kb

    Autonomy, partnership and beyond : A counterfactual analysis of policy coherence for Ghana (Newsletter)

    The realisation that non-aid policies might conflict with aid policies has led to a call for better coordination across different policy fields, referred to as Policy Coherence for Development (PCD). This IOB study outlines the results of a pilot for analysing the options for coherence of Dutch and EU policies for development objectives in Ghana. The study uses scenarios to estimate the potential effects of Dutch and EU policies.

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