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Etude des interventions post-catastrophe de l'AFD

La question posée est donc celle du lien optimal qui permettra à la France de tirer parti des forces et des atouts de l’AFD pour bien répondre à des besoins d’intervention qui risquent de devenir de plus en plus fréquents.


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Evaluation of UNPD contribution to disaster prevention and recovery

UNDP has helped countries formulate policies for disaster management, but challenges remain in integrating disaster risk reduction in development planning.


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Evaluation of Sida's Humanitarian Assistance: 2005-2010

The extent to which Sweden’s policies and strategic guidelines on cross-cutting issues are applied depends on individual staff members because there is no systemic approach to ensuring that cross-cutting issues are integrated into Sida-funded humanitarian programmes.


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Evaluation of KOICA's Tsunami Response in Indonesia

The objective of the evaluation is to identify key achievements and constraints of KOICA’s tsunami emergency relief and reconstruction projects with a specific focus on the assistance to Indonesia.


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Evaluation of the Humanitarian Mine Action Activities of Norwegian People’s Aid

This evaluation report concludes that Norwegian People’s Aid is one of very few organisations that is engaged in operational mine clearance programmes, development of new methodologies as well as advocacy, areas that are mutually reinforcing.


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A ripple in development? Long term perspectives on the response to the Indian Ocean tsunami 2004

The evaluation was carried out at the end of 2008 and early 2009 by a team of independent consultants, covering separately five sets of issues: the roles of the states and civil society, livelihoods and poverty, social relations, disaster risk mitigation, and capacity building.

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A ripple in development? Document review Annotated bibliography prepared for the joint follow-up evaluation of the links between relief, rehabilitation and development (LRRD) in responses to the Indian Ocean tsunami

This report summarises the document review for the Joint Follow-up Evaluation of the Tsunami Evaluation Coalition – Second Study on Linking Relief Rehabilitation and Development (TEC LRRD 2). It is not an evaluative document but merely an overview of the available documentary sources.

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Impact Evaluation of PRM Humanitarian Assistance to the Repatriation and Reintegration of Burundi Refugees (2003-08)

This reported evaluation of the UNHCR and PRM-funded programs of assisted repatriation to Burundi (2003-8) was conducted in June – November 2008. The evaluation focused on program outcomes and impact.


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Evaluation of the PUMA-CASA Project - Final Report

The PUMA-CASA Project is part of the Canadian response to the December 2004 tsunami that affected several countries surrounding the Bay of Bengal. The project aims to provide disaster relief to 6 coastal villages of the Tamil Nadu State in India.

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