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Evaluation of Norwegian Health Sector Support to Botswana

The comprehensive focus of Norwegian Assistance on primary health care development and systems development during Phase 1 had great significance in helping Botswana structure a health service that enabled greatly improved access to health care throughout Botswana.

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DFID's Support to the Health Sector in Zimbabwe

The report has found that UK funds provide critical support and have had a substantial and positive impact, most notably for those living with HIV/AIDS.


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Clinton HIV/AIDS Initiative in Indonesia - Management Response to the Independent Evaluation

Many of the recommendations in the report were taken into account in the design process for Phase 2, including what activities should be supported. The new design has clear objectives and rationale and emphasises strong engagement with the Government of Indonesia.

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Indonesia Partnership for Maternal & Neonatal Health

The Program provides technical assistance and additional funds to provincial and district level governments with the aim of them effectively managing a range of resources to progressively meet Millennium Development Goal targets for maternal and child health.


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Fiji Health Sector Improvement Program

The FHSIP Strategic Objective is to provide cost-effective financial and technical support to Fiji Ministry of Health (MOH) Corporate and Divisional business plans. The program has 4 stated components which were modified to suit the MOH priorities.


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Evaluation of the Swedish-Norwegian Regional HIV/AIDS Team for Africa

The purpose of the evaluation was to assess relevance, effectiveness and efficiency of the HIV/AIDS Team.The evaluation concludes that the TEAM has added vitality to regional responses to HIV and AIDS in Africa.


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Meta-analysis of Development Cooperation on HIV/AIDS

The purpose of the anlaysis is to give an informed basis to clarify and sharpen the scope of Finnish development projects responding to HIV/AIDS and its various dimensions.


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Synthesis of impact evaluations in sexual and reproductive health and rights

This synthesis provides an overview of recent impact studies in the field of sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR).


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Clinton HIV/AIDS Initiative in Indonesia - Independent Progress Report

This independent progress report (IPR) provides an evaluation of the Clinton HIV/AIDS Initiative (CHAI) in Indonesia for AusAID, the Government of Indonesia, the UN family and civil society stakeholders. The evaluation assessed CHAI’s performance and lessons learned.


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Global Aid Architecture and the Health Millennium Development Goals

The aim of this report was to “come up with recommendations on how further efficiency gains can be made within the overall health architecture”.

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