• 24-December-2013

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  • 24-December-2013

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  • 24-December-2013

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  • 24-December-2013

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  • 24-December-2013

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  • 13-November-2013

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    Evaluation of the Norway India Partnership Initiative for Maternal and Child Health - Annnexes

    With this the Evaluation Department in Norad issues a request for proposals from researchers/consultants interested in designing and conducting a process evaluation of the Norway-India Partnership Initiative (NIPI) phase I. Annexes 4-12

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  • 13-November-2013

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    Evaluation of the Norway India Partnership Initiative for Maternal and Child Health - Report

    The evaluation aims to take stock of the Norway India Partnership Initiative as it begins Phase II, focusing on the design, governance and implementation arrangements/processes (including a process review of two NIPI interventions), and the extent to which it has met its stated goals/results.

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  • 5-August-2013

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    Balancing ideals with practice : Policy evaluation of Dutch involvement in sexual and reproductive health and rights 2007-2012

    This report presents the findings of a policy evaluation of the Dutch involvement in the field of sexual and reproductive health and rights during the period 2007-2012. This policy evaluation is based on a number of sub-studies, including country impact studies in Bangladesh, Nicaragua and Mali, desk-studies of Ghana and Tanzania, and desk-studies of existing evaluations of multilateral organisations and NGOs.

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  • 16-July-2013

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    DFID’s Health Programmes in Burma

    Burma (also known as Myanmar) is a fragile state, one of the poorest countries in Asia, with a long history of political unrest and armed conflict. Following elections in 2010, the country is now undergoing rapid change. The UK is the largest international donor to Burma. This review assesses whether DFID is achieving impact and value for money in Burma through its aid to the health sector.

  • 9-July-2013

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    Development Effectiveness - Review of the World Health Organization 2007-2010

    The purpose of the review is to provide an independent and evidence-based assessment of the development effectiveness of WHO programs for use by external stakeholders, primarily bilateral development agencies.

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