• 6-September-2004

    English, , 451kb

    Evaluation of the Dutch ‘Governance and Human Rights Programme’ in Guatemala 1997 - 2003

    Evaluation of the Dutch ‘Governance and Human Rights Programme’ in Guatemala 1997 - 2003

  • 19-July-2004

    French, Excel, 522kb

    Convention d’objectifs avec Cité Unies France (2000-2003)

    La présente évaluation est consacrée à la « Convention d’objectifs triennale passée entre le ministère des Affaires étrangères (MAE) et Cités Unies France (CUF) pour la promotion dans la durée de la coopération décentralisée. Cette convention s’inscrit dans une double histoire, celle du MAE et celle de CUF. Il est par conséquent utile de resituer rapidement ce contexte avant d’examiner les particularités de cette convention, ses

  • 1-July-2004

    English, , 1,933kb

    Mauritania: Private Sector Development and Capacity Building, Public Resource Management, and Fiscal Reform Support Credits

    This is the Project Performance Assessment Report (PPAR) on four lending operations to the Islamic Republic of Mauritania from 1995 to 2000, to assist the country in developing the private sector and in restructuring public expenditure.

  • 5-April-2004

    English, , 337kb

    Stronger Evaluation Partnerships, The Way to Keep Practice Relevant

    It is a recurrent complain that contrary to policy the recipient countries do not readily assume ownership of project evaluation, but often seen them as a burden rather than as a useful tool. The changing modalities of development co-operation, with a growing share of aid transfers being channelled through multi-donor budget and sector support programmes are also a challenge to the conventional practice of evaluation. The paper

  • 4-November-2003

    English, , 300kb

    Support for Private Sector Development, Summary and Synthesis of Three Sida Evaluations

    Sida recently commissioned a thematic series of three evaluations of its approach to private-sector development (PSD) support. The present report summarizes and synthesizes central findings of the evaluations, in order to highlight major lessons learnt. It concludes that comprehensiveness and sequencing of measures are crucial aspects of a successful approach to PSD support. In general, support should first be directed to the

  • 3-June-2003

    English, , 4,944kb

    Rural Development and the Private Sector in Sub-Saharan Africa, Sida's Experiences and Approaches in the 1990s

    The main purpose of the evaluation is to assess the extent to which Sidas support to rural development has adopted a private sector development (PSD) perspective during the 1990s. The findings and recommendations of the evaluation are to be specifically used in developing Sidas PSD approach. The focus of the study is on Sidas PSD interventions and approaches in rural sub-Saharan Africa, with a particular emphasis on Zambia,

  • 4-March-2003

    English, , 1,439kb

    Donorship, Ownership and Partnership, Issues Arising from Four Sida Studies of Donor-Recipient Relations

    National or local ownership is commonly regarded as a precondition for sustainable results of development cooperation. In 2002, Sida commissioned four major evaluation studies, covering ownership aspects in different modalities of aid in a number of partner countries. The present paper examines the four studies with respect to effects on ownership of the aid relationship, leadership and management, institutions and modalities,

  • 9-December-2002

    English, , 3,365kb

    Supporting Ownership, Swedish Development Cooperation with Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda (Volume 1: Synthesis Report)

    Looking at Swedish development cooperation with three countries in East Africa, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda, this study tries to find out how a longstanding Swedish policy of facilitating and promoting partner country, half a dozen projects and programs are examined in depth. The conclusions of the study are relevant to development cooperation generally. With the shift from projects to programs. ISBN 91-586-8737-8ISSN 1401-0402 Sida

  • 3-December-2002

    English, , 10,131kb

    Supporting Ownership, Swedish Development Cooperation with Kenya,Tanzania and Uganda (Volume II: Country Studies)

    This report presents a study of partner country ownership in Sidas development assistance to East Africa, focusing specifically upon an analysis of a selection of Sida projects and programs in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. A companion report to these country studies draws upon the data and evidence assembled here to provide a synthesis and examination of the broader implications of the ownership agenda in Sidas development assistance in

  • 11-November-2002

    Spanish, , 303kb

    Evaluation of Judicial Reform Project in Bolivia

    El objetivo del informe es evaluar la preparación, el desarrollo, la ejecución, el cumplimiento, así como el impacto de las acciones desplegadas y de los productos entregados por el Programa de Reformas Judiciales I (Banco Mundial) y por el Proyecto de Apoyo al Poder Judicial de Bolivia (AECI).<

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