• 3-May-2010

    English, , 1,797kb

    Poverty Reduction Support Credits: An Evaluation of World Bank Support

    The goal of Poverty Reduction Support Credits (PRSCs), introduced in early 2001 under World Bank Interim Guidelines, was to help countries implement comprehensive, country-owned development strategies to promote growth, improve social conditions, and reduce poverty.

  • 27-January-2010

    English, , 1,784kb

    Evaluation of the Norwegian Centre for Democracy Support 2002-2009

    This report, prepared at the request of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, presentsthe evaluation of one of the more controversial parts of Norwegian developmentcooperation, the institutions and arrangements for channelling support to politicalparties in partner countries.

  • 1-January-2010

    English, , 2,317kb

    Support to Legislatures – Synthesis Study

    The study discusses different models of legislatures and political and electoral systems, with particular emphasis on fragile states. It also presents an overview of agencies specialised in this field, and of trends of donor support.

  • 23-December-2009

    Portuguese, , 1,181kb

    Portuguese cooperation in the statistical field (1998-2008)

    The focus of this evaluation report is Portuguese Cooperation programs with the PALOP (Portuguese-speaking African Countries).The core objective is to evaluate the contribution made by Portuguese Cooperation to boosting the capacities of the National Statistical Systems (NSS) of the five countri

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  • 15-December-2009

    English, , 682kb

    Measuring Change and Results in Voice and Accountability Work

    The paper discusses the importance of establishing a theory of change to demonstrate the causal relationship between V&A interventions and wider development impacts, but further work is required to establish the links between outcome and impact through V&A work.

  • 13-October-2009

    English, , 2,037kb

    DEMO Finland Development Programme

    The purpose of the evaluation is to achieve an overall picture of the development activities of DEMO Finland, which begun in 2006 after a pilot phase from 2004, and to draw lessons for the benefit of future planning.

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  • 15-September-2009

    English, , 653kb

    Sector Program Support in Practice: Lessons and Perspectives for AFD

    One goal of France’s action plan to improve aid effectiveness and implement the Declaration of Paris is to put more emphasis on sector program support, as part of public development aid. The French Development Agency has also made this a priority in its Strategic Orientation Plan for 2007-2011.

  • 8-September-2009

    German, , 391kb

    Empowerment: Programme der kirchlichen Zentralstellen zur Beteiligung der Armen

    Between 2002 and 2008, a total of seven of the Central Agencies' projects were evaluated under the aspect of "Ensuring the Participation of the Poor – Strengthening Good Governance".

  • 30-December-2008

    French, , 1,869kb

    L'aide française à la formation initiale et à la gestion des carrières des policiers et des gendarmes en Afrique Subsaharienne - Volume I

    La Direction générale de la mondialisation, du développement et des partenariats du MAE a demandé au cabinet DME de procéder à l’évaluation de l’aide française à la formation initiale et à la gestion des carrières des policiers et des gendarmes en Afrique subsaharienne.

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  • 16-December-2008

    English, , 612kb

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