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Between high expectations and reality: An evaluation of budget support in Zambia

In Zambia, budget support has developed into a highly visible and relevant instrument of development cooperation. The budget increases helped to improve service delivery, especially in the social sectors. Nevertheless, serious challenges remain.

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Evaluation Insights #2: Assessing the impacts of budget support

This note provides an overview of the main findings and conclusions from three recent joint evaluations in Mali, Tunisia and Zambia, testing a jointly developed methodology for evaluating budget support.


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Joint Evaluation of Budget Support Operations in Mali - Executive Summary

Evaluation of the results of budget support operations in Mali 2003-2009. Provides recommendations on the management of future budget support operations in Mali and elsewhere; and tests a new methodological approach to the evaluation of budget support operations.

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Evaluation of General Budget Support to Nicaragua 2005-2008

In May 2005, nine donors signed the Joint Financing Arrangement (JFA). The Netherlands was the third donor and the largest bilateral donor of budget support, with a 16.4% share in the total.


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Evaluation Comparative Review of Austrian Development Cooperation's Budget Support Operations Volume 1: Main Report

Since 2005, the Austrian Development Agency (ADA) has been increasingly providing budget support to its partner countries, mainly by joining existing budget support operations. In the period 2005-2009, it provided budget support totalling EUR 31.7 million to four countries.

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