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2008/04 Economic Empowerment of Women

This Evaluation Study synthesizes knowledge about how and when specific projects and/or policy interventions work to increase gender equality and to foster economic development through increased empowerment of women.


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Evaluation of CIDA’s Implementation of its Policy on Gender Equality

This executive report presents key findings and recommendations from the Agency-wide Evaluation of CIDA's Implementation of its Policy on Gender Equality, and is based on the multiple lines of enquiry of the study.


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How to perform gender equality evaluations

This Guide is designed to help CIDA’s managers, evaluators and partners integrate the assessment of Gender Equality (GE) results throughout the evaluation process.


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Gender equality - Annual Thematic Performance Report 2006–07

The purpose of the Gender equality annual thematic performance is to record progress against the Australian Government’s commitment to gender equality and to identify cross-regional lessons/issues. It provides a baseline evaluation of progress in the integration of gender equality into programs.


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Evaluation on the Effect of Microfinance on Poor Rural Households and the Status of Women

The Microfinance Development Strategy of ADB, approved in 2000, was formulated to support the development of high quality, sustainable microfinance services to poor and low-income households and their microenterprises.


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Lessons from Evaluations of Women and Gender Equality in Development Cooperation

This synthesis report is based on a review of evaluations by Norad, Sida, DFID, the European Commission (EC), OECD/DAC, UNDP, ILO and the World Bank. The evaluations reviewed here were carried out in the period 2002 to 2006.


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Action Communautaire Pour l'Education Des Filles au Bénin, Evaluation Finale

Action Communautaire pour l’Education des filles (ACEF) est un projet de quatre ans dont l’objectif est de promouvoir l’éducation des filles au Bénin, dans les écoles situées en zones rurales en stimulant la participation des communautés à l’éducation de leurs enfants.


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Farm Women in Development – Impact Study of Four Training Projects in India (2004/2)

This report presents the findings of an evaluation of four agricultural training projects for women in four Indian states: WYTEP in Karnataka, TANWA in Tamil Nadu, TEWA in Orissa, and MAPWA in Madhya Pradesh. During a period of two decades Danida has supported the projects with a total of DKK 279 million. ISBN (report): 87-7667-016-3


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Water, gender and sustainable development

Water management remains one of the major challenges facing mankind and with good reason a large proportion of French international aid resources are devoted to addressing this, particularly in sub-Saharan Africa.


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Reflection on Experiences of Evaluating Gender Equality

The current post-evaluation aims to learn lessons from the evaluation approach and methodology used in Sida's Gender Equality Evaluation carried out in 2001-02. The report summarises frank, self-critical reflections by eight of the evaluation team members. The nature of the subject of the Gender Equality Evaluation prompted a careful preparation of evaluation methods and tool, e.g. Concept Papers and Prompt Sheets and tools for

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