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Ex-post evaluation report on the project for Construction of Irrigation System in Batheay, Cambodia

The purpose of ex-post evaluation is to improve future projects through feedback of the lessons learned in the process of a project's planning and implementation and to provide a basis for accountability, including the provision of information to the public. Through the evaluation of failures as well as successes, valuable information is generated, which, if properly fed back, can improve future cooperation programmes and projects.


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Ex-post evaluation report on the project for Batheay Flood Control in Cambodia

The evaluation has been conducted to estimate the process and outcome of the project and the cross-cutting issues - gender main-streaming and environment – focusing on effects and impacts. The effects and impacts derived from the project include not only direct but also indirect social, economic, institutional, environmental and other changes resulting from the activities.


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Ex-post evaluation report on the project for Irrigation Technology Capacity Building in Upper Myanmar

As the agricultural industry forms a great part of the total industries in Myanmar, the nation has made efforts to improve its agricultural productivity. Particularly, they have heavily invested in expanding irrigation area by developing sources for farming water such as dams or pumping stations. In this process, testing and analysis of soil and materials are very important for designing and manufacturing irrigation facilities.


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Ex-post evaluation report on the Hlegu Township Rural Development project in Myanmar

This report purports to evaluate the “Hlegu Township Rural Development Project in Myanmar” implemented by the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA), which aims to propose a pilot model of the comprehensive rural development projects and spread the model to all rural areas in Myanmar.


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Notre aide au développement est-elle verte? Evaluation thématique de la coopération belge en matière d’environnement

Cette évaluation couvre l'APD belge sur 2002-2012, période du premier papier sur la stratégie environnementale. L'évaluation conclut que la prise en compte de l’environnement par les services de développement de la coopération belge donne des résultats positifs, mais non quantifiables. La pression sur l'environnement des activités de coopération a été réduite et les conditions d'une gestion durable de l'environnement ont été améliorées.


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How green is our development assistance? Thematic evaluation of the Belgian cooperation in the field of environment

This evaluation covers Belgian ODA over the 2002-2012 first environment strategy paper period. The evaluation concludes that the environmental consideration of the Belgian Development Cooperation is giving positive but unquantifiable results. Pressure on the environment of cooperation activities has been reduced and the conditions for sustainable environmental management have been improved.


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Secteur forestier dans les bassins du Congo: 20 an's d'interventions de l'AFD

La stratégie de l'AFD a toujours conservé la même finalité : la gestion durable de la ressource ligneuse, à travers l’aménagement forestier, dans le cadre de concessions forestières à long terme. L'AFD a su adapter ses interventions en fonction du contexte et des acteurs en présence.


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Évaluation partenariale des projets d’appui à la gestion des parcs nationaux au Maroc

Les cinq projets étudiés sont sensiblement différents, autant dans leur montage que dans leur mise en oeuvre, ce qui ne facilite pas leur suivi au niveau central, ni leur coordination. La présentation descriptive des projets a été handicapée par l’absence d’indicateurs communs au niveau national


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The Mesoamerican Biological Corridor

The Mesoamerican Biological Corridor is a land-use planning system that spans Central America and the five southern-most states of Mexico. It promotes the conservation and sustainable use of the region’s natural resources.


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Real-time Evaluation of Norway's International Climate and Forest Initiative - Country Report: DRC

This evaluation addresses Norway's contribution in the Democratic Republic of Congo to the development of an international regime to Reduce Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation.

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