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Promotion of Food Security, Regional Cooperation and Stability in the Southern Caucasus, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia (FRCS)

The programme sought to contribute to stability in the region by supporting the development of the local economy and supporting the setting-up and strengthening of local institutions.


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Evaluation de l'aide alimentaire française programmée

En 2005, la France a modifié en profondeur sa politique d’aide alimentaire. La réforme a porté à la fois sur les orientations et les modes opératoires de l’aide alimentaire programmée.


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Zambia: Emergency Drought Recovery Project (PPAR)

This is a Project Performance Assessment Report (PPAR) for the Zambia Emergency Drought Recovery Project, which was approved on November 2002, and became effective on February 2003.


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Evaluation Of ODFA Emergency Self Relief Drought Response - Ethiopia

This OFDA program provided emergency relief to drought victims in Ethiopia, and at the same time explored new/different approaches to seed relief. Using the grassroots approach, it had a significant impact on beneficiaries who were extremely vulnerable...

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