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Integrating the Environment? Environmental Considerations in Sida’s Work

The present report evaluates to what extent Sida’s policy on integrating environmental concerns in its work has been been effectively implemented.


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Actions en faveur du développement durable dans la coopération internationale de la France

Cette plaquette, dont l’information couvre la période de référence de l’évaluation (2000-2004) ne prétend nullement à l’exhaustivité.


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End of program evaluation of the cooperative agreement between USAID/EGAT and the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI)

This report provides the findings from a Washington-based final program evaluation carried out during August-October, 2005.


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Mexico - Northern Border Environment Project and First Programmatic Environment Structural Adjustment Loan (PPAR)

This is a Project Performance Assessment Report (PPAR) prepared by the Operations Evaluation Department (OED) on two environment projects in Mexico: the Northern Border Environment Project (NBEP, Loan No. 3750) and the programmatic Environmental Structural Adjustment Loan (EnvSAL I).


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Evaluation of DFID Renewable Natural Resources Research Strategy (Main Report)

An objective assessment of the extent to which ten programmes have delivered the agreed outputs of the strategy, the identification of components which have made, or have strong potential to make an impact on poverty, and the lessons from programme and project cycle management.

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Sustainable Management of Natural Resources in El Chaco - Sudamericano

Sustainable Management of Natural Resources in El Chaco - Sudamericano


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Evaluation summary: Priority area: Environment Policy and Sustainable use of Natural Resources - Madagascar

Summary At the government negotiations in October 2001 the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and the Government of Madagascar identified "Environment Policy and Sustainable Use of Natural Resources" as a priority area for their development cooperation. The aim of the evaluation was to analyse and assess the recently launched process of defining the priority area and to examine the prospects for


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Environmental Considerations in Sida's Evaluations Revisited, A follow-up and analysis six years later

This evaluation is a follow-up of a study on how the environment was treated in Sida's evaluation (SSE 96/4). The results from 1996 were rather dismal and the objective of this present evaluation was therefore to see to what extent there had been any improvements with regard to assessments of environmental performance. However, there had been no general improvement. Contrary to Sida's policies, both ex ante EIAs and ex post EIAs had


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Evaluation summary: Combined financial and technical co-operation project for a National Resource Protection Strategy in Paraguay (ENAPRENA)

The degradation of Paraguay's natural resources is proceeding almost unchecked. High levels of forest clearance and unadapted forms of land use are reducing the ecological, social and economic value of these resources. Meanwhile some 80% of smallholders are already living below the poverty line. There is a lack of a national strategy for resource protection and sustainable use of natural resources. Authoritarian approaches, a tendency


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99/22 Environmental Aspects in Credit Financed Projects

The aim of this review is to assess how and to what extent environmental aspects have been considered in the different stages i.e. planning, implementation and follow-up of credit-financed projects initiated in the time frame 1989-1994.

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