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External evaluation on the Development of a short course on Gender and Climate Change (G&CC)

The overall objective of the short training course on Gender and Climate Change (G&CC)was to build knowledge and understanding of the causes of climate change and its impacts on development and gender relations in Uganda on one hand; and, to build local capacity in Uganda to design and implement gender-responsive climate change policies, strategies and programmes by using analytical and critical thinking skills on the other.


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Adaptation Learning Programme (ALP) CARE International Mid-Term Review - Final Report

The Adaptation Learning Programme in Africa (ALP) seeks to increase the capacity of vulnerable households in sub-Saharan Africa to adapt to climate variability and change with a particular focus on gender equality and diversity. The programme covers Ghana, Niger, Kenya and Mozambique aiming to pioneer, deepen practical understanding of and document Community-Based Adaptation (CBA) over five years.


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Evaluation of Norway’s International Climate and Forest Initiative: Lessons Learned from Support to Civil Society Organisations

Projects were selected for support largely on their individual merit, rather than with a view to building a portfolio of complementary activities that contribute as a whole to the achievement of the program's objectives. This lack of a clear portfolio approach, has at times led to some duplication of activities.


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DFID's Climate Change Programme in Bangladesh

ICAI’s review of the UK's Climate Change Programme in Bangladesh shows that the £75 million programme is innovative and making an important and recognised contribution to climate change resilience. There are, however, areas that need addressing.


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Secteur forestier dans les bassins du Congo: 20 an's d'interventions de l'AFD

La stratégie de l'AFD a toujours conservé la même finalité : la gestion durable de la ressource ligneuse, à travers l’aménagement forestier, dans le cadre de concessions forestières à long terme. L'AFD a su adapter ses interventions en fonction du contexte et des acteurs en présence.


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Évaluation partenariale des projets d’appui à la gestion des parcs nationaux au Maroc

Les cinq projets étudiés sont sensiblement différents, autant dans leur montage que dans leur mise en oeuvre, ce qui ne facilite pas leur suivi au niveau central, ni leur coordination. La présentation descriptive des projets a été handicapée par l’absence d’indicateurs communs au niveau national


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The Mesoamerican Biological Corridor

The Mesoamerican Biological Corridor is a land-use planning system that spans Central America and the five southern-most states of Mexico. It promotes the conservation and sustainable use of the region’s natural resources.


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IEG Review of Twenty World Bank-Funded Projects in Tiger Landscapes (Evaluation Brief)

IEG reviewed a sample of 20 closed World Bank supported projects in or near tiger habitats in Asia with the potential to damage protected natural habitats. Roughly three-quarters of the projects evaluated prepared adequate mitigation plans to address direct impacts.


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Finnish support to the energy sector

The energy sector evaluation is one of the three sub-themes in the larger umbrella evaluation “The Sustainability Dimension in Addressing Poverty Reduction”.


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Sustainable Energy Initiative: Phase 1 Strategic Review

The report assesses how well the EBRD has implemented the programme's objectives and how this has furthered the Bank’s transition objectives on a country and regional basis in the energy efficiency, renewable energy and climate change sectors.

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