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Indonesia: Engineering Education Development Project

This project preformance evaluation report presents the findings of the evaluation of the Engineering Education Development Project, which was approved in February 1996 to assist the Government of Indonesia in improving the quality, relevance, and capacity of engineering education.


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The North-South-South Higher Education Institution Network Programme

The current evaluation of the N-S-S Programme examined the five years of implementation of the programme with a view to making recommendations for the next phase.


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Joint Evaluation of the Secondary Education support Programme

The overall objective of the evaluation is to contribute to the design of effective secondary education reform measures and intervention strategies.


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Education Sector

This sector synthesis is the third such report in the education sector and builds on the findings of the second sector synthesis of evaluation findings (August 2000). It covers operations evaluation studies in the sector that were undertaken from 2000 to 2008.


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Education Sector in Bangladesh: What Worked Well and Why under the Sector-Wide Approach?

The SAPE assesses the combined performance of four DPs' educationstrategies and assistance programs in Bangladesh because they are the ones involved in preparing joint country strategies for Bangladesh for the period 2006–2009.


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Mongolia: Education Sector

This rapid sector assessment (RSA) aims to provide an independent evaluation of the Asian Development Bank’s (ADB) assistance to the education sector in Mongolia, and to identify areas for further improving the effectiveness of ADB interventions.


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Evaluation du programme “Collèges doctoraux franco-pays partenaire”

Ce document constitue le rapport final de l’évaluation du Programme “Collèges doctoraux franco-pays partenaire”.


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2008:13 Policy Guidance and Results-Based Management of Sida's Educational Support

This evaluation is intended to serve as an input into the process of reviewing policy and working methods in Sida’s educational support.


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Follow-up Study: Evaluation of Danish Assistance to Vocational Education and Training

The purpose of the follow-up study is to analyse the usefulness of recommendations given by the evaluation, identify actions taken to follow up on the recommendations, and to identify constraining factors preventing the recommendations from being followed.


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Review of Sida’s Research Cooperation - Synthesis Report

Sida has been tasked by the Swedish Government to strengthen the research capacity of developing countries, promote research that contributes to poverty reduction and fair and sustainable global development.

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