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Evaluation of the School Sanitation and Village Sanitation Programme (EVA Programme)- Executive Summary in English.

The Democratic Republic of Congo initiated in 2006 this School Sanitation and Village Sanitation (EVA) Programme with support from UNICEF, DFID, USAID, JICA, some NGOs and Local Committees. The overall of the EVA Programme in the 11 provinces where it is implemented in the DRC is "Ensure the survival and development of children by increasing the rate of access to clean water, improved sanitation and hygiene education".


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The Evaluation of the Cook Islands Education Sector Partnership

The evaluation finds that the Education Master Plan is relevant to training and education priorities in the Cook Islands and to current national, regional and international mandates. Progress can be sustained through on-going implementation of existing initiatives. However attention is required to provide systematic interventions and resources to address the constraints identified through the evaluation.


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Plan décennal de développement du secteur de l'éducation du Bénin

Cette évaluation à mi-parcours du Plan décennal de développement du secteur de l'éducation a été conçue par le gouvernement du Bénin, le ministère danois des Affaires étrangères et par l'Agence Française de Développement, à la suite d'une initiative conjointe.

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Ex-post evaluation: Upgrading project of the Korea-Vietnam Industrial Technical School

The evaluation looked at the impact and ripple effects of the project in time, focusing on medium and long-term effects.


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Education matters: Policy review of the Dutch contribution to basic education, 1999-2009

The review concludes that many more children now attend school. The Netherlands’ contribution was facilitated by the long-term, substantive financial involvement, along with the input of experts in The Hague and the Dutch embassies and the support for research and innovative initiatives.

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VERIFIN Training Programme on Verification of Chemical Weapons

The purpose of the evaluation is to provide an external and independent view on the different dimensions of the training programme, including institutional set-up, programme concept, contents and working modalities.


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Evaluation of DFID's International Citizen Service Pilot Stage: Mid-term review

The 18 month pilot programme, International Citizen Service is supporting young British citizens to contribute to development through international volunteering and generating knowledge to inform future youth volunteering programmes.


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L’assistance technique résidente: enseignements du secteur de l’éducation en Mauritanie

La perception du rôle de l'assistance technique résidente, et les attentes en la matière, sont différentes suivant les acteurs. Si les bénéfices apportés par une expertise technique font l’unanimité, l’usage qui en est fait renvoie à des objectifs multiples.


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The two-pronged approach: Evaluation of Netherlands support to primary education in Bangladesh

The evaluation shows that the overall net enrolment rate has increased from 65% in 2000 to 81% in 2009. Equity of access still remains a key concern with children from the poorest quintiles completing primary education at a later age and appearing to drop out more frequently.


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Evaluation of SDC's Vocational Skills Development Activities

The report presents the findings of an external evaluation of SDC's Cooperation’s Vocational Skills Development activities. The evaluation portfolio covered 10 projects and programmes in 9 countries (Albania, Bangladesh, Burkina Faso, Ecuador, Mali, Moldova, Nepal, Nicaragua, Peru).

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