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Assessing the Impact of Development Cooperation in North East Afghanistan 2005-2009

The report is based on two mass surveys among 2000 respondents in about 80 villages in the districts of Taloquan and Warsaj in Takhar Province and Imam Sahib and Aliabad in Kunduz Province.


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Evaluation of European Commission’s - Cooperation with El Salvador – Country level Evaluation Final Report Volume 1 : Main report

This evaluation assesses the European Commission’s cooperation with El Salvador over the period 1998-2008. It aims at providing an overall independent assessment of the entire EC cooperation strategy and support in the country and to provide key lessons.

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Mozambique Country Program Evaluation-Synthesis Report-2004-2005 to 2008-2009

The Country Program Evaluation (CPE) assessed the overall performance and results of CIDA''s interventions in Mozambique from 2004-2005 to 2008-2009, a five-year period corresponding to CIDA's latest Country Development Programming Framework (CDPF) for Mozambique.


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Country Programme Evaluation: Yemen

This evaluation of DFID’s country programme in Yemen is one of a series of regular Country Programme Evaluations (CPEs) commissioned by DFID’s Evaluation Department.


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Development Cooperation with Ethiopia 2000-2008

The purpose of this evaluation was to assess all aspects of the Finnish development cooperation in Ethiopia: the development needs, policies and political, economic and social situation.


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Country Programme Evaluation: El Salvador 2004-2008

The Bank’s program contained a relatively high percentage of fastdisbursing policy-based lending and a relatively low percentage of direct lending to the private sector without sovereign guarantee.


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Assessment of Development Results: Evaluation of UNDP Contribution to Zambia, 2002-2009

The purpose of this report is to present an assessment of the contributions of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) to development results in Zambia in the period2002 to 2009.


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Ethiopia Country Program Evaluation 2003-2004 to 2008-2009

The Ethiopia Country Program Evaluation (CPE) assessed the overall performance and results of CIDA's interventions in Ethiopia from 2003-04 to 2008-09, a five-year period corresponding to the implementation of the Agency's County Development Program Framework (CDPF) for Ethiopia.


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Country Programme Evaluation- DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO

This evaluation of DFID’s country programme in DRC is commissioned by DFID’s Evaluation Department. These studies are intended to improve performance, contribute to lesson learning and inform the development of future strategy at country level.

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Evaluación del Programa de País: Barbados 2005-2009

En este informe se presenta una evaluación del Programa de País del Banco con Barbados para el período 2005-2009.

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