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Assessment of Development Results: Laos

The evaluation found that UNDP has made important contributions, helping the Government coordinate development assistance and integrate poverty reduction into its national development plan, strengthen local governance.

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Assessment of Development Results: Malawi

The evaluation found some highly successful interventions that have helped situate UNDP as an important partner. UNDP has done exemplary work in supporting elections, strengthening communities to hold the Government accountable, empowering women for financial inclusion and managing disasters.


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Assessment of Development Results: Thailand

The report validated the effectiveness of many UNDP initiatives especially at the sub-national level. UNDP has also provided targeted assistance to vulnerable and marginalized population groups. Ensuring the sustainability of development results however has been a challenge.


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Country Programme Evaluation: Uzbekistan

This country assistance program evaluation for Uzbekistan assesses ADB�s assistance, identifies factors affecting ADB's performance, and draws lessons and recommendations for improving ADB's future performance.


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Mid-term review of the cooperation programme between Luxembourg and el Salvador (2007-2011)

The report suggests options for cooperation of Luxembourg and El Salvador up to 2015 and makes recommendations to governmental institutions.


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Tanzania NGO Financing

The three NGOs showed great capability in adapting their strategy to fit the changing context, maintaining steady final objectives, even when local equilibriums became fragile. The projects are sound with Tanzania’s policies in the respective sectors: agro-pastoral, territorial protection and planning and health services.


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Joint Country Program Evaluation of Timor-Leste: 2007-2010 (In Portuguese)

Portugal é um importante doador de Timor- Leste (2º doador bilateral), cuja relevância sobressai face às opções políticas e estratégicas de Timor-Leste relativamente a algumas questões centrais na identidade e desenvolvimento nacional.


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Country program evaluation – S. Tomé and Principe: 2008-2011 (Portuguese)

S. Tomé e Príncipe é um país muito dependente da ajuda externa, com fragilidades a diversos níveis.


English, , 2,694kb

Country Programme Evaluation of Timor Leste, 2000-2010 - Part 1

The relevance of the WBG strategy waned through the evaluation period, despite being broadly congruent with the country's own aspirations.

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Spanish, , 2,566kb

Assessment of Development Results: Evaluation of UNDP Contribution to El Salvador 2002-2010 (in Spanish)

This is the first Assessment of Development Results (ADR) conducted in El Salvador. The assessment examines relevance and strategic positioning of UNDP support and its contributions to the country’s development from 2002-2010.

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