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Evaluation Study of Long-Term Development Co-operation between Vietnam and Sweden

This report is one of three reports commissioned by Sida to an independent team to review the development co-operation to countries in Asia, where Sweden is, or has, phased out. It summarises experiences and lessons of this co-operation.


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Evaluation Study of Long-Term Development Co-operation between Sri Lanka and Sweden

This evaluation report provides a critical overview of 53 years of development co-operation between Sweden and Sri Lanka, from 1958 to 2010. The report highlights a few areas, where, according to the evaluators, Sweden has contributed to solving societal problems and creating results in poor people’s lives in Sri Lanka.


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Mid-term review of the cooperation programme between Niger and Luxembourg

The report aimed specifically at feeding the political and strategic dialogue between Niger and Luxembourg in preparation of the discussions to come for the meeting of the Partnership Commission that will be held on November, 2012.


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Assessment of Development Results: Sri Lanka

While UNDP has undertaken several projects to facilitate poverty-reduction in specific sectors and regions, generally, these projects had limited impact and the sustainability of any results achieved was questionable.


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Evaluation de la coopération de la Commission européenne avec la République du Congo

La pertinence de la stratégie de coopération CE-RC est élevée au cours de la période en revue. Elle présente une forte adaptation à l’évolution du contexte de la RC, notamment le passage d’une situation de post-conflit à une problématique de croissance durable.


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Final Report on the Effects of a Community Driven Reconstruction Program in Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo

This report provides the results of an assessment of the impacts of Tuungane, a major UK government funded Community Driven Reconstruction Program in Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.


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Evaluation Study of Long-Term Development Co-operation between Laos and Sweden

This evaluation provides an overview of the results and lessons of the bilateral development co-operation from 1974 until Sweden closed its embassy in 2011. Furthermore, it attempts an assessment of how and if this assistance contributed to reducing poverty in the country.


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Evaluation of the Zambia Irish Aid Country Strategy Paper (2007-2010)

This report presents the findings and conclusions of an independent evaluation of the Irish Aid Zambia Country Strategy 2007-2010. Evidence from this evaluation indicates that Irish Aid has made a range of contributions to the reduction of poverty and inequality in Zambia.


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Evaluation of Norwegian Development Cooperation with Afghanistan 2001-2011

The evaluation analyses the Norwegian foreign policy including the linkages to development and humanitarian policy against the background of the political, socio-economic and security developments in Afghanistan during the evaluation period.


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Australian aid to the Philippines: Mid-term evaluation of the Australia–Philippines Development Assistance Strategy

The evaluation found that the Australian aid program to the Philippines had achieved a range of results. AusAID’s contribution was particularly notable in basic education while achievements under the economic growth pillar were found to be modest.

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