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Evaluation of NGO Partnerships aimed at capacity development

This report describes the results and conclusions of the evaluation of Belgian NGOpartnerships and capacity development (CD) carried out by the HIVA/ACEEurope/IOB consortium at the request of the Special Evaluation Office (SEO) of the FPS Foreign Affairs, Foreign Trade and Development Co

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Evaluation of the Humanitarian Assistance of the Austrian Development and the East-Development Cooperation for the Period of 2004-2008

This independent evaluation about the Humanitarian Aid (HA) of the Austrian Development Cooperation (ADC) covers the period 2004–2008.


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Joint Evaluation of the Joint Assistance Strategy for Zambia (JASZ) 2007-10

This report presents the findings of an evaluation carried out in February through May 2010, of the Joint Assistance Strategy for Zambia (JASZ), which was developed over the period 2005-07, and which was signed in 2007, to cover a three year period.


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Evaluation of Norwegian Development Cooperation - Annual Report 2009

The report sums up the various evaluation reports produced or contributed to by the Evaluation Department in 2009.


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The Sustainability Dimension in Addressing Poverty Reduction: Synthesis of Evaluations 2010:4

This Synthesis of Evaluations brings together a total of 22 programmatic and thematic evaluation reports commissioned during 2008-2010 by the development evaluation office of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland.


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Safeguards and Sustainability Policies in a Changing World: An Independent Evaluation of World Bank Group Experience

The World Bank Group’s safeguards and sustainability policies wereput in place to prevent or mitigate adverse impacts of its projects onpeople and the environment.


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Water and Development: An Evaluation of World Bank Support, 1997-2007, Volume I

In this evaluation the Independent Evaluation Group (IEG) examines all the water-related projects financed by the World Bank between fiscal 1997 and the end of calendar 2007.


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Cost-Benefit Analysis in World Bank Projects

Cost-benefit analysis used to be one of the World Bank’s signature issues. It helped establish the World Bank’s reputation as a knowledge bank and served to demonstrate its commitment to measuring results and ensuring accountability to taxpayers.


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Results and Performance of the World Bank Group, Volume 1: Main Report

Over the past year, the response to the global financial crisis has continued to dominate development and the work of international institutions, including the World Bank Group. Challenges of poverty and fragile states, environment, and climate change remain daunting.

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