• 31-March-2013

    English, PDF, 2,106kb

    Use of Evaluations in the Norwegian Development Cooperation System

    The evaluation found that the Evaluation Department has done a number of things to enhance the usefulness and actual use of its evaluation work. Among these has been a practice of broadly consulting with key stakeholders in developing its evaluation program to ensure that there is interest in the topics to be covered.

  • 24-March-2013

    English, PDF, 2,059kb

    Working with the World Bank - Evaluation of Dutch Bank policies and funding (2000-2011)

    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs facilitated the dialogue with Banks and IFC at Ministerial, senior official, and expert level, in coordination with the Ministry of Finance. Biannual Bank/IMF meetings and the regular BNPP and NIPP dialogues were used to highlight Dutch positions and priority themes. The Netherlands occasionally worked in accordance with donors (in particular UK, Germany, Nordic countries).

  • 31-December-2012

    English, PDF, 3,417kb

    Meta-Evaluation of Decentralised Evaluations in 2010 and 2011.

    The purpose of the fifth meta-evaluation since 1991 was to analyse and draw lessons from the projects evaluations of 2010 and 2011. It compared the findings with 2 previous meta-analysis and 2 other evaluations. OECD/DAC and EU quality standards, as well as many cross-cutting type objectives where used as criteria. The novelty in this meta-evaluation was to study projects of the ten evaluation reports included in the sample.

  • 31-December-2012

    English, PDF, 3,180kb

    Evaluation Matters - Evaluation concerns us all

    An effective and efficient evaluation function is crucial for the African Development Bank’s efforts to continuously strengthen the effectiveness of its development initiatives. This evaluation provides an independent and external assessment, a fresh perspective, but one that is evidence-based.

  • 11-December-2012

    Spanish, PDF, 5,033kb

    Evaluación intermedia del III Plan Director de la Cooperación Española: 2009-2012

    Los mecanismos disponibles encargados de la adecuada gestión del III PD no han sido suficientes. Allí donde se contaba con una unidad con competencias claramente atribuidas sobre una materia, la responsabilidad última sobre las medidas de aplicación del III PD ha estado más clara.

  • 3-December-2012

    English, PDF, 624kb

    Bilan évaluatif de la politique française de coopération au développement entre 1988 et 2010.

    The evaluating report of the French developement co-operation policy between 1998 and 2010 was conducted after a ministerial request to assess the French policy co-operation since its remodelling in 1998, as well as to assess its institutional dispositive and to determinate the conditions for an optimisation of its results.

  • 18-September-2012

    English, PDF, 7,091kb

    Evaluation of Norwegian Development Cooperation: Lessons Learned in 2011

    This annual report looks at the main lessons learned in 2011 by Norad's Evaluation Department.

  • 18-July-2012

    English, PDF, 16,753kb

    2011 Annual Evaluation Report

    This report looks back at the evaluation results of KOICA development programs for 2011.

  • 17-July-2012

    English, Excel, 7,091kb

    Evaluation of Norwegian Development Cooperation - 2011 Annual Report

    The report looks at the main lessons learned for Norwegian Development Cooperation in 2011.

  • 22-May-2012

    English, , 1,477kb

    Broadening the range of designs and methods for impact evaluations

    This is a study report dealing with difficult methodological and theoretical challenges faced by those who wish to evaluate the impacts of international development policies.

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