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Evaluation of Norwegian Development Cooperation: Lessons Learned in 2011

This annual report looks at the main lessons learned in 2011 by Norad's Evaluation Department.


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2011 Annual Evaluation Report

This report looks back at the evaluation results of KOICA development programs for 2011.


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Evaluation of Norwegian Development Cooperation - 2011 Annual Report

The report looks at the main lessons learned for Norwegian Development Cooperation in 2011.


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Broadening the range of designs and methods for impact evaluations

This is a study report dealing with difficult methodological and theoretical challenges faced by those who wish to evaluate the impacts of international development policies.


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Hunting for Per Diem: The Uses and Abuses of Travel Compensation in Three Developing Countries

While there can be little doubt that the government staff, NGO staff and civil society employees attending training and awareness-raising events learn something and upgrade their skills, the effectiveness of these workshops is a sadly understudied and underreported area. The study makes an assessment of the consequences of per diem compensation.


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Review of Evidence of the Effectiveness of CIDA's Grants and Contributions

This review focused on three key criteria for assessing aid effectiveness: objectives achievement, relevance and sustainability. This review covers CIDA's bilateral and partnership programming over the period 2005/06 to 2010/11.


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Irish Aid Annual Report 2011

This is the annual report of Irish Aid, providing a comprehensive account of the work undertaken by the agency in 2011.


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Relatorio anual da avaliacao e da auditoria interna 2011

This is the 2011 annual report from the “Camões – Instituto da Cooperação e da Língua” (CICL)


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Results and Performance of the World Bank Group

In 2008–10, 85 percent of operations broadly aimed to help expand economic opportunities. Evaluations of past interventions show relatively high effectiveness in these areas. However, policy environments need further improvement, and sustainability of public infrastructure needs to be ensured.


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ICAI's Approach to Effectiveness and Value for Money

With a strong focus on the impact for intended beneficiaries and the robustness of delivery approaches, the report establishes a set of guiding criteria for whether aid is fit for purpose and being used to tackle the most important issues.

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