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Annual Evaluation Report 2008 - Summary Outline

Overview of the evaluation system in JICA and highlights of evaluation results from the past year.


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Fostering impact evaluations at the Agence Française de Développement: a process of building in-house ownership and capacities

In addition to promoting accountability, the main objective is to produce sound knowledge on development matters and to contribute to national policy-making.


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A Comparative Study of Evaluation Policies and Practices in Development Agencies

This study was commissioned to map and compare evaluation practices across development agencies, primarily with a view to stimulate an internal debate within AFD on its evaluation systems during a time of reform.


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Evaluation of UNDP Contribution to South-South Cooperation

This report presents the outcome of the evaluation, which looks at the effectiveness of the Third Cooperation Framework managed by the Special Unit, and also assesses the results achieved by the inclusion of South-South cooperation as a driver in UNDP programmatic work.

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Evaluation of Results Based Managment at UNDP

This report presents the assessment of an independent evaluation conducted by the Evaluation Office of UNDP of the adoption of results based management (RBM) as an approach.

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Evaluations of Country Strategies - An Overview of Experiences and a Proposal for Shaping Future Country Programme Evaluations

The study summarises experiences from country strategy or country programme evaluations. It looks at the possibility of applying such experiences on Swedish development cooperation in the light of recent changes in aid ideology and practice.


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Annual Evaluation - Overview Report for 2007

The Annual Evaluation Overview Report (AEOR) synthesises the findings of the EBRD’s Evaluation Department (EvD), regarding the Bank’s mandate performance, helping the Bank to fulfil its accountability obligations towards the Board of Directors.


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Evaluation Methods for the European Union's External Assistance - Methodological bases for evaluation - Volume I

The European Commission has developed and formalised a methodology for evaluating its external assistance, in which the priority is on results and impacts. The aim is thus to maintain the quality of its evaluations on a par with internationally recognised best practice.

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