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Evaluation of the Role of UNDP in the Net Contributor Countries of the Arab Region

This independent evaluation of the role of UNDP inthe NCCs of the Arab region was commissioned by the Evaluation Office of UNDP. Its focus is on learning and the future role of UNDP among the group of countries.

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Learning Lessons with Knowledge Audits

This paper describes the knowledge audit methodology developed in 2007 to tie in with the department's audiences.


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Evaluation of the Implementation of the Paris Declaration at the Asian Development Bank: A Development Partner's Study for an OECD-DAC Joint Evaluation

The purpose of this evaluation study by the Operations Evaluation Department of the Asian Development Bank is to contribute to the first phase evaluation of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development-Development Assistance Committee joint evaluation of the Paris Declaration. 


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Evaluation of the Implementation of the Paris Declaration by France

France along with 19 other countries (9 donor and 10 partner countries) volunteered to be a target country for the OECD Development AssistanceCommittee (DAC) monitoring survey evaluating the implementation of the ParisDeclaration.


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Annual Evaluation Report 2008 - Summary Outline

Overview of the evaluation system in JICA and highlights of evaluation results from the past year.


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Fostering impact evaluations at the Agence Française de Développement: a process of building in-house ownership and capacities

In addition to promoting accountability, the main objective is to produce sound knowledge on development matters and to contribute to national policy-making.


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A Comparative Study of Evaluation Policies and Practices in Development Agencies

This study was commissioned to map and compare evaluation practices across development agencies, primarily with a view to stimulate an internal debate within AFD on its evaluation systems during a time of reform.


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Evaluation of UNDP Contribution to South-South Cooperation

This report presents the outcome of the evaluation, which looks at the effectiveness of the Third Cooperation Framework managed by the Special Unit, and also assesses the results achieved by the inclusion of South-South cooperation as a driver in UNDP programmatic work.

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