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Evaluation of Irish Aid - Dóchas Partnership 2006-08

The purpose of this evaluation is to provide Irish Aid and Dóchas with an independent assessment of the work of Dóchas (The Irish Association of Non-Governmental Development Organisations) and its partnership with Irish Aid, 2006-2008.


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Evaluation of the Third Regional Cooperation Framework for the Arab States (2006-2009)

This report summarizes the findings of the evaluation of the Third Regional Cooperation Framework (RCF) for the Arab States 2006-2009, which the Evaluation Office carried out between August 2008 and January 2009.

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Evaluation Knowledge Management and Institutional Learning in SDC

The purpose of this evaluation was to assess where SDC stands with regard to knowledge management (KM) and institutional learning (IL) and to gain insights to improve future performance.


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ASEAN-Australia Development Cooperation Program

The objectives of the program were to strengthen regional cooperation, strengthen regional institutions, strengthen scientific, technnological and environmental cooperation and support integration of new ASEAN members.


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Annual Review of Development Effectiveness 2008: Scaling up in a deteriorating global environment

This is the second annual review of the development effectiveness of the Australian aid program.


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Évaluation de la loi du 25 mai 1999 relative à la coopération internationale belge

L’objectif principal de cette évaluation était de réaliser une lecture critique de la loi de 1999 en tenant compte des développements survenus depuis 1999 dans les pratiques belges et internationales en matière de coopération au développement et à faire des suggestions en vue de son actualisatio


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Synthesis of the geographical evaluations managed by the Evaluation Unit during the period 1998-2006

This synthesis of the geographical evaluations managed by the Joint Evaluation Unit (JEU) during the period 1998-2006 was commissioned in January 2007.


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Evaluation of the Third Global Cooperation Framework of UNDP

The evaluation assessed the performance of the third global cooperation framework and offered key recommendations on how to strengthen the effectiveness of the global programme. The present report provides a summary of the findings, conclusions and recommendations of the independent evaluation.<

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Foreign aid, economic growth and efficiency development

This study attempts to add a piece to the aid effectiveness puzzle by evaluating aid effectiveness in a production theory context. The first step is then to establish how well a country is using its resources.

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