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ADB Support for Public Sector Reforms in the Pacific: Enhance Results through Ownership, Capacity and Continuity

This special evaluation study assesses the effectiveness of Asian Development Bank support for public sector reforms in Pacific developing member countries.


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Meta-analysis of Development Evaluations in 2007 and 2008

The overall purpose of meta-analyses is to offer an opportunity to learn from past experience and to extract good practices for quality development of development cooperation through assessing the quality of development evaluations.


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IFAD’s Management Response System

This report sets out the findings of an evaluation of the effectiveness and relevance of the management response system at IFAD – known as the “agreement at completion point” system.


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ADB Technical Assistance for Justice Reform in Developing Member Countries

This is the first special evaluation study on the Asian Development Bank's technical assistance for justice reform in its developing member countries.


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Annual Evaluation Report 2009

The report provides a synthesis of the findings from projects 1996-2008 and presents an overview of performance whereby transition impact, additionality, financial and environmental performance are key indicators.


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Evaluation in German Development Cooperation - A System's Review

Evaluations need to improve on measuring impact – including at a higher level of aggregation – a stronger national and inter-national networking of institutions in charge of evaluation and more integration and ownership by partners in the planning and execution of evaluations.


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Annual review of development effectiveness 2009: achieving sustainable development

This Annual review of development effectiveness (ARDE) focuses on the Bank's performance record in getting outcomes from its projects and country programs, and as is customary, examines in depth one topic relating to development effectiveness.


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Etude sur le fonds social de développement - Synthese

Le Fonds social de développement est l’outil essentiel mis à la disposition des ambassades pour le financement de projets de proximité portés par les associations locales et plus généralement pour appuyer les acteurs de la société civile.

Related Documents


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Independent Evaluation of the Decentralisation Strategy and Process at the African Development Bank

This report summarises the findings, conclusions and recommendations of the independent evaluation of the decentralisation strategy and process at the African Development Bank.


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Results in development Report 2007-2008

This report discusses the progress made in achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), the Netherlands’ contribution and what forms that contribution took.

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