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Aiding the Peace: A Multi-donor Evaluation of Support to Conflict Prevention and Peacebuilding Activities in Southern Sudan 2005-2010

This evaluation was conducted in the lead up to the referendum and provides a reflection on the performance of donor-supported conflict prevention and peacebuilding (hereafter CPPB) efforts since the signing of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA).

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Project UN Resolution 1325

The aim of the present evaluation is to assess whether the Academy’s courses for gender equality within the framework of Project UN Resolution 1325have contributed to the implementation of the National Action Plan.


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Special Evaluation Study on Asian Development Bank's Support to Fragile and Conflict-Affected Situations

The special evaluation study assesses the support provided by the Asian Development Bank to countries in fragile and conflict-affected situations.


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Special Evaluation Study on Post-Completion Sustainability of Asian Development Bank-Assisted Projects

For multilateral development banks, projects are conceived primarily as investment interventions. Assessment of sustainability is centered on the continuity of project outcomes over the life of the project.


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Thematic Evaluation of European Commission: Support to Conflict Prevention and Peace Building - Volume 1: Concept Study

This document is the Final Report for the Concept Study for the forthcoming thematic evaluation of the European Commission (hereafter referred to as “the Commission”) support to Conflict Prevention and Peace Building (CPPB).

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The Politics of Poverty: Findings from ten years of DFID-funded research on Governance and Fragile States 2001–2010

To understand development we must understand the politics that shape it. Evidence shows that in order to deliver sustainable international development we must be able to understand and work with its politics.


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Sida's follow-up on support to justice in reconciliation processes

SADEV is planning a series of evaluations of Swedish support to the legal sector, the first of which is presented below and deals with Sida’s support to justice in reconciliation processes conflict or a post-conflict situation.


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Adapter les pratiques opérationelles des bailleurs dans les états fragiles

Ces évaluations ont porté plus spécifiquement sur des projets ou grappes de projets se situant dans divers secteurs de concentration de l’aide française, définis par les documents cadres de partenariats.


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Synthesis of Country Programme Evaluations conducted in Fragile States

This synthesis of Country Programme Evaluations brings together findings from countries termed fragile states.


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Evaluation of Norwegian Development Cooperation with the Western Balkans - Volume I

This report presents the findings of an evaluation of a large portion of Norwegian development cooperation that has not previously been systematically evaluated.

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