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Evaluation de quinze projets ONG à Madagascar

Les 15 projets couvrent un large spectre de thématiques, de la santé (publique et privée) et pharmacopée traditionnelle, aux droits des enfants victimes d’exploitation sexuelle, en passant par la micro et petite entreprise.


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Results of development cooperation through Norwegian NGOs in East Africa - Volume 1

The study aims at assessing the achievements of Norwegian organisations and their partners in 15 randomly selected long-term development projects operating in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda from 2005-2009.

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Evaluation du dispositif de Volontariat de Solidarité Internationale (VSI) - Synthese

Le volontariat de solidarité internationale (VSI) permet à des citoyens, pour un temps déterminé, de mettre leurs compétences au service d’actions de solidarité internationale, de développement ou d’urgence humanitaire.

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How Basic Community Infrastructure Works can Trigger Livelihood Improvements and Good Governance Personal notes on a validated model integrating socio-economic progress and democracy development in poor urban areas

Traditional democracy support only is likely to yield few concrete results. And projects focusing only on concrete – that is, public works – tend to be few and expensive, of questionable quality and often not reflecting priorities within the community.


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Thematic Evaluation of Support by Danish NGO's to Civil Society in Ghana and Ethiopia

This thematic evaluation of the support of Danish NGOs to civil society in developing countries has been commissioned by Danida’s Evaluation Department.


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Etude sur le fonds social de développement - Synthese

Le Fonds social de développement est l’outil essentiel mis à la disposition des ambassades pour le financement de projets de proximité portés par les associations locales et plus généralement pour appuyer les acteurs de la société civile.

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Evaluation of Norwegian Development Cooperation through Norwegian Non-Governmental Organisations in Northern Uganda (2003–2007)

The evaluation of development aid through Norwegian NGOs in Northern Uganda is the second country oriented report in response to the Rattsø commision. It aims at assessing the achievements of Norwegian organisations and their partners in this part of Uganda.


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Finnish NGO Foundations

The evaluation confirms that the NGO Foundations are relevant for providing smallscale NGO support. The Foundations assist implementation of Finnish development cooperation policy by supporting key cross-cutting issues and the human-rights based approach to development.

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FIDIDA: An Example of Outsourced Service 2004–2008

The purpose of the evaluation was to examine how successfully appraisal and followup as a part of the administration of NGO projects can be outsourced.


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ANCP Philippines Cluster Evaluation Report

This document reports the process and findings of a cluster evaluation of four non-government organisation (NGO) projects in the Philippines that have been supported by the Australian Agency for International Development (AusAID) through the AusAID NGO Cooperation Program (ANCP).

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