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Evaluation report – Mission India

Evaluation of capacity development within the partnership relations between a Belgian NGO and their partners in the South.


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Mission NORD-KIVU et SUD-KIVU – Rapport d’évaluation

Evaluation du renforcement de capacités au sein des relations de partenariat entre les ONG belges et leur(s) partenaire(s) dans le Sud.


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L'assistance technique française: le cas du Cambodge - Synthese

L’augmentation du nombre d’assistance technique ne présenterait, dans le contexte actuel, aucun intérêt particulier. Si des efforts doivent être faits, ils doivent aller dans le sens d’une amélioration de la gestion des ressources.

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Mexico's M&E system: scaling up from the sectoral to the national level

This paper provides a brief review of Mexico's progressive movement from a sectoral to a government-wide Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) system.


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Évaluation rétrospective du Programme pour le renforcement des capacités commerciales (PRCC)

Le PRCC est un programme d'aide au commerce lancé par la DG Trésor et l'AFD en 2002. Il vise à améliorer les échanges commerciaux et les exportations des pays en développement (PED) par le renforcement des capacités commerciales de leurs agents économiques.


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The Engineering Capacity Building Program in Ethiopia

The program is highly relevant for the current Ethiopian poverty reduction strategy. It is, however, doubtful at present whether it will succeed in achieving its more long-term aims as it has so far over-emphasised the supply side.


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Special Study - PCR Assessment Report (Technical Co-operation Operations)

This special study is an assessment of project completion reports (PCRs). It is performed annually by the Evaluation Department (EvD) and has been executed as part of EvD’s 2007 Work Programme.


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Technical Assistance in Support of the Pacific Financial Technical Assistance Centre in the Pacific Island Countries

Between December 1994 and December 2004, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) approved seven technical assistance (TA) grants totaling $3.6 million to support the operation of the Pacific Financial Technical Assistance Centre (PFTAC). The International Monetary Fund (IMF) administers PFTAC, a regional project based in the Fiji Islands that provides services to 15 Pacific island countries (PIC). A group of multilateral and bilateral


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