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Australian Volunteers for International Development (AVID) Evaluation Report

Overall, the evaluation found that AVID is making an effective and highly-visible contribution to the Australian Government’s development and public diplomacy objectives. Volunteers contribute to developing the capacity of their host organisations, develop people to people links and generate goodwill for domestic and foreign diplomacy.


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Caribbean Regional Programme Evaluation 2006-2011

The programme has had some good results in strengthening capacity in economic and financial management, trade and development initiatives, and environment and disaster-risk management. However, the regional programming focus and emphasis on multilateral institutions has created challenges for direct Canadian interaction with stakeholders at the national level.


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Evaluation of the Canadian Colleges Partnership Program (2001-2008)

The purpose of this mid-term evaluation was to assess the developmental performance of the Program, identify key issues related to the context of Program stakeholders, formulate recommendations regarding changes in the current and/or potential future phases, and identify lessons.


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Evaluation of the CIDA Technology Transfer Program in Brazil

This evaluation was a joint effort between CIDA’s Performance and Knowledge Management Branch, the Brazil and Southern Cone Program of CIDA’s Americas Branch and the Agência Brazilera de Cooperaçao. The evaluation indicates that this is a successful program providing a large payoff in terms of knowledge sharing and partnership between Canadian and Brazilian institutions.


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Ex-post Evaluation Report for Public Service Capacity Building Projects

The purpose of this report is to evaluate the Korea International Cooperation Agency’s training programme for capacity building in public sector.


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IOB Newsletter: Ambivalence in cooperation between Ministry of Foreign Affairs and SNV

These are some of IOB's principal conclusions in its report Between Ambitions and Ambivalence: Mid-term Evaluation SNV Programme 2007-2015.

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Between Ambitions and Ambivalence : Mid-term Review SNV Programme 2007-2015

This evaluation analyses the activities and performance of SNV Netherlands Development Organisation over the period 2007-2011. The report presents the findings and insights into the effectiveness of providing support to capacity development – SNV’s core business – and how that support has contributed to the well-being of poor people.

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Evaluation Methodology & Baseline Study of European Commission Technical Cooperation Support

The literature review was oriented towards the ultimate goal of the mandate: proposing a methodology for the evaluation of technical cooperation. As such, it sought to identify what donors, academics and practitioners had written concerning the change management aspects of capacity development and the overall management of the technical cooperation option within it.


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Iceland - Nicaragua: Geothermal Capacity Building Project 2008-2012

The objective of this external final evaluation report is to assess the outcomes of the Geothermal Capacity Building Project, report and give recommendations on the lessons learned. The aim of ICEIDA through the Geothermal Capacity Building Project was to assist Nicaragua to enhance its use of environmentally benign geothermal energy resources for power production in line with the energy policy of GoN.


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The technical assistance transfer of AFD

The French technical assistance remains an essential tool for the reinforcement of the parnerts capacities of the French development co-operation as well as for its visibility and its influence. It contributes to clarify the differents functions of the technical assistance, and appreciate the relevance, consistency, efficiency of the whole measures put into places to reach its objectives.

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