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Evaluation of Norwegian Development Cooperation with Afghanistan 2001-2011

The evaluation analyses the Norwegian foreign policy including the linkages to development and humanitarian policy against the background of the political, socio-economic and security developments in Afghanistan during the evaluation period.


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Pawns of Peace: Evaluation of Norwegian peace efforts in Sri Lanka, 1997-2009

This evaluation assesses Norway’s peace efforts in Sri Lanka from 1997 to 2009. It tells the story of Norway’s engagement, assesses the effects and identifies broader implications and lessons.


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Evaluation of Norwegian Development Cooperation with the Western Balkans - Volume I

This report presents the findings of an evaluation of a large portion of Norwegian development cooperation that has not previously been systematically evaluated.

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Evaluation of Norwegian Support to Peacebuilding in Haiti 1998–2008

The purpose of the evaluation has been to assess whether Norway has, with its transitional assistance, contributed to increased security and stability, and whether gains achieved are likely to be sustainable.


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Evaluation of the Norwegian Research and Development Activities in Conflict Prevention and Peace-building

This evaluation aims at assessing the contributions of the four most important Norwegian research institutions to the Norwegian conflict prevention and peacebuilding efforts and the relationship between the Government and the institutions.


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Mid-Term Evaluation of the Joint Donor Team in Juba, Sudan

Two main questions were asked in this evaluation: What has been the added value of the team? And how effective is the team as a working model for joint donor engagement in fragile states?

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The International Response to Conflict and Genocide: Lessons from the Rwanda Experience - Synthesis Report

The main objective of the evaluation is to draw lessons from the Rwanda experience relevant for future complex emergencies as well as for current operations in Rwanda and the region, suchas as early warning and conflict management.

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