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Global Aid Architecture and the Health Millennium Development Goals

The aim of this report was to “come up with recommendations on how further efficiency gains can be made within the overall health architecture”.


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Evaluation of Norwegian Support to the Protection of Cultural Heritage

The evaluation report gives an overview of the support from 2000 to 2008, with a closer look at three countries - Ethiopia, Malawi and Nepal. The report shows that 60 cultural heritage projects were supported during this periode.

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Evaluation of Norwegian Development Cooperation through Norwegian Non-Governmental Organisations in Northern Uganda (2003–2007)

The evaluation of development aid through Norwegian NGOs in Northern Uganda is the second country oriented report in response to the Rattsø commision. It aims at assessing the achievements of Norwegian organisations and their partners in this part of Uganda.


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Evaluation of Norwegian Development Cooperation – Annual report 2008

This report is the annual report 2008 of the Evaluation of Norwegian Development Cooperation.


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Evaluation of the Norwegian Research and Development Activities in Conflict Prevention and Peace-building

This evaluation aims at assessing the contributions of the four most important Norwegian research institutions to the Norwegian conflict prevention and peacebuilding efforts and the relationship between the Government and the institutions.


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Mid-Term Evaluation of the Joint Donor Team in Juba, Sudan

Two main questions were asked in this evaluation: What has been the added value of the team? And how effective is the team as a working model for joint donor engagement in fragile states?

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Evaluation of the Norwegian Development Cooperation in the Fisheries Sector

This report evaluates Norwegian development co-operation in the fisheries sector over the period 1985–2006, covering bilateral development assistance and support to private sector development, with the emphasis on longer-term development impacts.

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Synthesis Study on Best Practices and Innovative Approaches to Capacity Development in Low-Income African Countries

The main objective of this study was to show how a more broad-based joint evaluation of Capacity Development should be structured in terms of issues and conceptual frameworks


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Mid-term Evaluation of the EEA Grants

The key objective of this mid-term evaluation is to guide the implementation of current grants and future programming.


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Managing Aid Exit and Transformation - Summary of a Joint Donor Evaluation

This is a report from an evaluation of the management of donor exits from partner countries and related transformations of aid relationships, an important aspect of development cooperation that has so far not received much attention in evaluations.

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