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IOB Newsletter: Ambivalence in cooperation between Ministry of Foreign Affairs and SNV

These are some of IOB's principal conclusions in its report Between Ambitions and Ambivalence: Mid-term Evaluation SNV Programme 2007-2015.

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Between Ambitions and Ambivalence : Mid-term Review SNV Programme 2007-2015

This evaluation analyses the activities and performance of SNV Netherlands Development Organisation over the period 2007-2011. The report presents the findings and insights into the effectiveness of providing support to capacity development – SNV’s core business – and how that support has contributed to the well-being of poor people.

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Facilitating resourcefulness: Evaluation of Dutch support to capacity development

The purpose of this evaluation synthesis is to respond to the demand for knowledge and insight to contribute to capacity development policy.


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Evaluation of Dutch support to capacity development: the case of the Netherlands Institute for Multiparty Democracy

This one of seven studies is carried out in the context of an extensive evaluation of the impacts of capacity development activities financed through Dutch development organizations.