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Ex-post Evaluation Report on the Program to Enhance the Vocational Training Capacity of Bangladesh

This is an ex-post evaluation for the project to enhance the Bangladesh Mirpur Vocational Training Center by KOICA. The primary purpose of this evaluation is to analyse success factors or failure factors and to draw lessons for future similar projects. Also, the evaluation suggests improvements for project systems in terms of policy, and apply them to grant type aid policy, and ultimately to contribute to the quality of aid.


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Ex-post Evaluation Report on the Project for Effective ICT Education at the College of Engineering and Technology, University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

This report evaluates the information and communications technologies education capacity building project carried out by KOICA at the College of Engineering and Technology of University of Dar Es Salaam in Tanzania. Following the evaluation criteria recommended by OECD/DAC, the report focuses on the analysis of the relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, sustainability, and impact of the project.


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Ex-post Evaluation Report on the Two Primary and Secondary Education Projects in Palestine

This evaluation determines whether the evaluated project achieved intended objectives in terms of the Development Assistance Committee's evaluation criteria.


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Ex-post Evaluation Report on the Project of the Construction and Extension for 18 Primary Schools

The purpose of the project was to determine whether the education project of interest achieved the objectives in terms relevance, efficiency, effectiveness, impact, and sustainability.


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Ex-post evaluation: Upgrading project of the Korea-Vietnam Industrial Technical School

The evaluation looked at the impact and ripple effects of the project in time, focusing on medium and long-term effects.